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The menu bar at the top of the Document Editing window provides commands that enable you to perform various editing tasks. The following table summarizes the available menus and their commands.

Drop-Down Menu Commands
Document Add, open, and save documents; view and change document properties such as the header, footer, and border; print and preview the document; and close the Document Editing window.
Edit Cut, copy, and paste text; and undo your last edit.
Insert Insert variables, embedded text, special characters, manual page breaks, and image files.
Format Change the font typeface and size, modify paragraph alignment and tabs, insert language indicators, convert the document to English or Spanish only, and insert or add "print if" statements.
Help Access the relevant documentation.


  • You will also use several other menus and toolbars in UltraTax CS.
  • Many frequently used menu commands, such as Open Document or Copy Text, are assigned keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly execute the command. For example, when the Document menu is not open, pressing CTRL+O enables you to open an existing document. When available, keyboard shortcuts are listed next to the commands in the drop-down menu.

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