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Entering or modifying text for a header or footer affects all documents (including letters created in Data Mining) to which you have attached headers or footers. Note that you cannot edit header or footer text via the Data Mining Compose Client Letters button.

  1. From the Setup menu, choose the entity (for example, 1040 Individual).
  2. Click the federal or state tab.
  3. Click the appropriate button (for example, Letters & Emails or Filing Instructions).
  4. In the [Document Type] dialog, find the document you want to edit, and click Open.
  5. Click the Header/Footer tab to have UltraTax CS list the available types of headers and footers.
  6. Highlight the header or footer you want to enter or modify, then click the Open button.
  7. Depending on whether information has already been entered for the selected header or footer, do one of the following actions.
    • If no text has been entered: UltraTax CS displays a blank Document Editing window in which you should enter the text you want for the selected header or footer.
    • If text already exists: UltraTax CS displays a Document Editing window that contains the text. Modify the text as desired.
  8. To save your changes and edit another document, header, or footer, choose Document > Save and Open another.
  9. To save your changes and close the Document Editing window, choose Document > Save and Document > Exit.

Tip: Headers and footers can be assigned to a document (if applicable) in the Document Properties dialog.

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