Customizing client documents: variables

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UltraTax CS provides variables, such as amount, text, date, and address that you can embed in documents that you will send to your clients. UltraTax CS replaces these variables with the information you entered for the client when you print the document. For example, the [client name] variable is replaced by the client's name when you print the document.

Follow these steps to insert variables into a document.

  1. From the Setup menu, choose the entity (for example, 1040 Individual).
  2. Click the federal or state tab.
  3. Click the appropriate button (for example, Letters & Emails or Filing Instructions).
  4. In the [Document Type] dialog, find the document you want to edit, and click Open.
  5. Place the cursor where you want to insert a variable.
  6. Choose Insert > Variable (or press CTRL+I) to open the Variables dialog.
  7. Select the type of variable that you want to insert: Amount, Text, Date, or Address.

    Note: If you are editing a Data Mining letter, the available variables are Amount, Text, Date, or Input Screen.

  8. In the list pane, highlight the variable you want to insert into the document.
  9. Click OK. The variable is inserted at the cursor position and is enclosed in square brackets, such as [Variable Name].
  10. Chose Document > Save.
  11. Chose Document > Exit.
  12. Preview or print the document.

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