Previewing the document layout

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Follow these steps to view the headers, footers, borders, and font styles you have chosen and to see how the document will appear when printed with all paragraphs arranged as specified.

  1. Open the document's Document Editing window.
  2. From the Document menu, choose Preview.


  • UltraTax CS displays a list of the applicable forms, schedules, worksheets, reports, and statements in the left pane of the window. You can toggle the left pane by clicking the Hide Tree Hide Tree button or Show Tree Show Tree button button on the toolbar.
  • To view collapsed pages, click the Expand Tree Expand Tree button button to expand the list. Click the Collapse Tree Collapse Tree button button to collapse the list.
  • If the document has more than one page, click the Two Page Layout Two Page Layout button button to view two pages at a time. You can also click the Next Page and Previous Page Preview buttons buttons to move from page to page, or select the page using the expandable list in the left pane.
  • To enlarge or reduce the page display, choose a size from the Zoom drop-down list.
  • Click the Printer button to select or change the default printer.
  • Click the Print all button to print the entire document as it appears on screen.
  • Click the Print one page button to print the page that displays.
  • Click the Close button when you are done previewing the document.

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