Adding or editing links to client-specific resources

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You can use the Client External Documents dialog to add links to resources that are specific to a certain client. Those links are accessible whenever the client's return is open in UltraTax CS, and can include websites, documents or other files or folders on your local drive or network, or documents that are stored in FileCabinet CS (if licensed).

To add or edit links to client-specific resources, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the client's return in UltraTax CS.
  2. You can choose Edit > Client External Documents > Add/Edit Links or click the Client Properties drop-down list and select Client External Documents. The sub-menu lists the existing links that were previously entered for this client; choose Add/Edit Links to create new links or modify existing links.
  3. In the Client External Documents dialog, you can do the following.
    • To create a new link, click the empty row at the bottom of the list and enter the appropriate description, link type, and location in the fields provided. To navigate to a file on your network or local drive or to specify a document in FileCabinet CS, click the browse Browse button button.
    • To include Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents, and Adobe PDFs as attachments to your client's Web Client Organizer, mark the Web Organizer checkbox.
    • To group links in categories, hold CTRL and click the links that you want to group together, then click the Group Selected button. You can use the arrow buttons on the left to move the links into and out of existing groups as well.
    • To delete a link or a link group, select the item in the list and click the Delete Selected button. Deleting a link group will not delete the links within that group.
    • To make the links available in next year's application when you proforma the client's data, mark the Proforma checkbox.
    • To change the order in which the links are listed, click the up and down arrow buttons on the right side of the dialog.
  4. Click OK to close the Client External Documents dialog. The new links are now available by choosing Edit > Client External Documents.


  • Like custom links on the Home Page, Client External Documents are assigned an icon based on document type. However, you can assign specific icons to groups of documents.
  • You can view or open documents from the Home Page. To do so, view details for a client in the Client Profiles section, and click the location or icon for a document. To add or edit Client External Documents, click the Edit link to open the Client External Documents dialog. The Print link is restricted if the client is password protected.

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