Analyzing and printing client listing reports

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UltraTax CS includes reports detailing information about specific areas of a client's return. Complete these steps to select the clients to include and to generate the desired report.

  1. Choose Utilities > Client Listing Reports.
  2. Select the report you want to print. To do so, click the General Client Information, General Return Information, Client Contact, Client Communications, Status Summary, Client Totals, Client Family, Client Status History, User Activity, or Client ELF Summary option.


    • Click the View Sample button next to each report option to see the type of information included in that report.
    • For more information about each report, see Client Listing Reports dialog.
    • After selecting the type of report you want to print in the Client Listing Reports dialog, you can choose which clients appear in this report in the Select Clients for Report dialog. For example, you can print a report that includes only 1040 clients or a report that lists all clients assigned to a specific preparer, reviewer or staff member. You can also sort the report according to client ID, client name, fiscal year end, or other options.
  3. Optional: Choose a sort criteria from the Sort field next to the selected report option to organize the report according to a specific characteristic, such as client name, TIN, or entity type. By default, each report is sorted by client ID (except the User Activity Report, which is sorted by user).
  4. After choosing the desired report, click the Continue button to open the Select Clients for Report dialog.
  5. In the Select Clients for Report dialog, use the fields in the Focus group box to include or exclude clients from the list of available clients.
  6. In the Clients available to print pane on the left, highlight the clients you want to include in the report and click the Select button. The clients you have chosen will be moved to the Clients to print pane on the right. To remove a client from the Clients to print pane, highlight the client in the pane and click the Remove button.
  7. Do one of the following actions.

Tip: Click the word Client ID, Name, or Entity in the title bar of the list pane to sort the client listing by that characteristic.

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