Using third-party application vendors for e-filing returns

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To use a third-party application vendor to transmit electronic files, follow these steps.

  1. Process client returns and create the electronic files for all clients designated in UltraTax CS as electronic filing clients.
  2. Transmit the returns to the third-party vendor using the vendor's application.

    Note: The third-party vendor's application checks for errors in these returns. For this reason, the third-party vendor provides all support for electronically filed returns transmitted to the vendor.

    The third-party vendor transmits the electronic files to the taxing authorities.

  3. Monitor and retrieve acknowledgments via the third-party vendor.

Note: When you use a third-party application vendor to transmit electronic returns, the Electronic Filing Status dialog is not enabled in UltraTax CS. You should direct all questions regarding rejections, acknowledgments, or electronic filing errors to the third-party software vendor's technical support department.

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