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If an e-filed return is rejected by the taxing agency, you'll need to view the rejection code and details on the rejection so you can fix it. 

To view the rejection details and code: 

  1. In UltraTax CS, select Utilities, then Electronic Filing Status.
  2. Find the rejected client in the list.
  3. Click the elipsis button in the status column.
  4. The rejection text and code appear in the Details box.
    • The code is at the end of the rejection.
    • Codes usually begins with "rule". For example, rule R0000-902-01.
    • The value is the TIN, number, or data that caused the IRS rejection issues.

If you need to send the rejection details to a collegue or to Thomson Reuters Support, click the Copy to clipboard button. Now you can paste the rejection details into an email or chat.

If you want to print the rejection details, you can click the Open in Notepad button. Then print from within the Notepad application using File > Print. 

Now that you have the rejection code, you can search for a solution on the Resolve e-file errors page.

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