Non-calculating forms overview

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UltraTax CS provides additional non-calculating forms that you might need infrequently. UltraTax CS does not perform any calculations on non-calculating forms; you need to manually fill out any applicable field that is not grayed out . Non-calculating forms that contain data will print in the prescribed collation order. You can change the default settings in the Return Collation dialog.

Note: Calculating forms do not update with information from non-calculating forms. If a calculating form needs to be updated, use the appropriate input screens to update the calculating forms with the new information.

Note that some noncalculating forms may have more than one page. To enter data on a non-calculating form, complete the following steps. 

  1. Click the Non Calculating folder, which is the last folder in the folders block when you are in input screen view.
  2. Enter all required information on the form manually. 

Note: You cannot retrieve any data from a general ledger product into a non-calculating form.

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