Transferring depreciation data from Fixed Assets CS

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If you use Fixed Assets CS, you can easily integrate it with UltraTax CS so that Fixed Assets CS automatically transfers client depreciation data to the UltraTax CS asset module. (See the tip below for more information about integrating the two applications.)

In most cases, Fixed Assets CS automatically shares data with the corresponding UltraTax CS clients without any action required by you. However, if you want to manually transfer Fixed Assets CS data into the open UltraTax CS client, follow these steps.

  1. Open the desired client in UltraTax CS.
  2. Select Utilities > Fixed Assets CS (Import). UltraTax CS updates the client's depreciation data with the Fixed Assets CS data.

Tip: To integrate UltraTax CS with Fixed Assets CS, choose Setup > User Preferences > File Location tab in both applications to verify that both applications have the same directory specified for Depreciation client data. If necessary, modify the setting in UltraTax CS to match Fixed Assets CS.

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