Example: Using tax codes to import general ledger balances into multiple-unit input screens

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This example illustrates how you can import general ledger balances from multiple clients in your accounting application into a single UltraTax CS client's tax return. 

Although this example refers to transferring balances from Accounting CS or Engagement CS, it also applies if you are transferring balances from another application that uses tax code numbers. These applications include CaseWare Working Papers, Client Ledger System, Accounting for Practitioners, Dillner's FCAS, ProSystem fx Engagement, Universal Business Computing Company, and Accountant's Relief.


An UltraTax/1040 client is the sole proprietor of several businesses.

  • Laundromat
  • Dry-cleaning service
  • Tailoring service

For the purpose of this example, these businesses are maintained as three separate clients in your CS accounting application, and you want to transfer each business's general ledger balances into the UltraTax CS client's multiple units of Screen C. (Note that you don't need to maintain these businesses as separate clients in Accounting CS.) 

To do this, each business must have its own unit number. After determining that the proper tax code for the first unit's gross receipts was 801, you assign the remaining tax codes.

The tax codes for gross receipts are assigned as shown in the following table.

Trial Balance Client Schedule C Unit Unit Gross Receipts tax code
Laundromat 1 1 801
Dry-cleaning service 2 2 801
Tailoring service 3 3 801

To retrieve general ledger balances from these three clients into the current UltraTax CS client, choose Utilities > Accounting CS (Import), Workpapers CS (Import), or Creative Solutions Accounting (Import), then choose the three accounting clients.

Tip: To transfer multiple clients to different activities in UltraTax CS (for example, for an UltraTax CS client who has a rental property and a Schedule C business), you do not need to assign unit numbers to the tax codes as in the example above.

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