Using NetClient CS web organizers while licensed for Onvio portals

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In certain cases, an Onvio firm may use a NetClient CS portal for web organizers that can be imported back into the UltraTax CS data entry. Completing the steps below will allow such functionality on a PRP basis.

  1. In UltraTax CS, choose Setup > Office Configuration > Onvio.
  2. In the Client Portals drop down menu, select NetClient CS ($) then click Done.

    Note: The NetClient CS ($) option is only available to firms that do not have an existing NetClient CS license.

  3. Click OK in the pop up to restart UltraTax CS and apply the changes.
  4. When UltraTax CS restarts, it will integrate with the NetClient CS portals until the setting in Step 2 is changed back to Onvio Client Center.


  • The intended portal system needs to be active before the web organizer is created using the print process.
  • When using Onvio Documents as the Document Management option and NetClient CS ($) for client portals, organizer attachments will be uploaded back to Onvio during the organizer retrieval process.

Only one portal system may be integrated with an UltraTax CS office at a given time. The aforementioned setting will need to be toggled to switch between the two portal systems on an as needed basis if only a single office is setup. See the steps below to create a second office if preferred.

  1. In UltraTax CS, choose Setup > Office Configuration.
  2. Click the Office Setup button.
  3. Click the * in the last row of the office list.
  4. Type NetClient CS in the field right of the * and click Done.
  5. Confirm the NetClient CS office appears in the drop down in the top of the Office Configuration dialog.
  6. Click the Onvio tab.
  7. Set Client portals to NetClient CS and click Done.
  8. Go to Setup > Office Configuration.
  9. Change the drop down in the top of the dialog to <default> or the name assigned to the original office.
  10. On the Onvio tab, confirm Client portals are set to Onvio Client Center and click Done.

At this point, two offices exist and individual users may associate themselves with an office as needed. To switch between offices, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Setup > User Preferences.
  2. On the My Settings tab, use the Office drop down to select the desired office and click OK.
  3. Click OK in the dialog prompting you to restart UltraTax CS.

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Internal only

Connect is smart enough to transmit a "mixed bag" of Organizers to the correct destination in this scenario.  

Note that they must restart UltraTax CS after choosing the setting in Office Config > Onvio. It MUST be done before the Assembly of the Organizer. The portal destination is established at assembly time. If they have this on "Tax Center", assemble, and then switch this to NetClient PRP, it will go to Tax Center.