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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Entity Product Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
01/19/22 Conversions Conversions N/A Notice 01/19/22 N/A Internal: UltraTax CS Conversion Troubleshooting

The UltraTax CS conversion overview article is an external article that users are able to access on Help & How-To Center.

The following Internal: UltraTax CS Conversion Troubleshooting articles are internal and can be used by Support to troubleshoot Conversion questions.

Internal: UltraTax CS Conversion: Talking points to make on every conversion call you take

Internal: UltraTax CS Conversion: Whom to contact with conversion issues

Internal: UltraTax CS Conversion: Post-conversion reports and guides

Internal: UltraTax CS Conversion: Checking status of conversions

Internal: UltraTax CS Conversion: Changing and deleting appointments in EMS

Internal: Responding to emails from the Conversion Room in KANA

Important: If you still have an issue with a conversion after exhausting your resources, please reach out to an UltraTax Consultant. If the Consultant refers you to email Product Excellence for more information, then please use this Product Excellence team email template when emailing the Product Excellence team about UltraTax CS conversion issues. Do not provide this email address to customers and do not include the customer on the email to the Product Excellence team.

11/28/22 CS Connect CS Connect N/A Notice 11/28/22 N/A CS Connect Maintenance

We will be performing scheduled system maintenance on CS Connect from Friday, December 2nd at 11:30pm EST to Sunday, December 4th at 11:59pm EST. During this timeframe, CS Connect will not be accessible for any program and will generate an error. This includes, but is not limited to electronic filing, application updates, license retrieval, and retrieving per-return pricing (PRP) codes. CS Connect will become available if maintenance is completed prior to the end of the scheduled window.

11/18/22 File Exchange All N/A Open 11/18/22 N/A Unable to upload certain file types to File Exchange

We are aware of an issue where files with the extensions of .iif, .qbb, and .qbm cannot be uploaded to File Exchange. Our Development team is working on this as high priority.

11/16/22 1O40 All N/A Notice 11/16/22 N/A Deletion of 2021 web client organizers

With the passing of the October 15, 2022, final extension date and in accordance with our policy, we will delete all 2021 individual web organizers from NetClient CS portals on Friday, November 18, 2022. After this date, you will not be able to retrieve 2021 individual web organizer data via CS Connect for transfer into UltraTax CS. For information about retrieving data from web organizers, see Retrieving data from web client organizers.

We will delete 2021 business web organizers based on the dates on which the organizers were created. Due to businesses having varying fiscal year end dates, we will delete each business web organizer one year from the date it was created.

You will be able to send 2022 web organizers to your clients' NetClient CS portals after you install UltraTax CS version 2022.1.0, which will be released in late November.

10/27/22 Onvio Integration All N/A Fixed 11/04/22 N/A Error Sending Returns and eSignatures to Onvio from UltraTax via CS Connect

Update: This is resolved. All returns and eSignature documents can now successfully be transmitted to Onvio via CS Connect.

10/26/22 Login Login N/A Fixed 11/14/22 N/A Locked Account - Too Many Login Attempts

Update: A fix was implemented to prevent the increase in false lock attempts from occurring.

NetStaff CS Users: If you continue to experience false lock attempts when trying to login to NetStaff CS, then verify your NetStaff username is a unique login and different than your login for the CS Professional Suite website - My Accounts. After verifying and changing (if needed), you can contact Technical Support with the login IDs and they can manually remove the lock.

Non-NetStaff CS Users (TRID): If you do not use NetStaff CS and are experiencing false lock attempts when attempting to login to your software, please reset your password.

10/21/22 Various US N/A Notice 10/21/22 N/A IRS MeF Production System Maintenance

The IRS MeF Production System will be unavailable on Saturday, October 22, 2022, from 7:00 am. until 4:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Electronic files can still be transmitted to Thomson Reuters and we will transmit them to the IRS as soon as their system is back up. Acknowledgements could be delayed during their schedule maintenance.

Please see the IRS Modernized eFile (MeF) Operational Status website for additional electronic filing information around this maintenance.

10/18/22 1040 E-File N/A Notice 10/18/22 N/A IRS 1040 Modernized Electronic File Shutdown Schedule

The IRS 1040 MeF Shutdown begins on Saturday, November 26, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time, to prepare the system for the upcoming Tax Year 2022 Filing Season.

Please see the IRS Modernized eFile (MeF) Operational Status website for additional electronic filing information around this shutdown.

10/18/22 Platform Platform N/A Notice 10/18/22 N/A UltraTax CS 2022 Initial Release

UltraTax CS 2022 will be available for download in the morning on Monday, November 21. Please be patient in the morning on Monday, November 21 for it to be made available for download by logging into Your Account. See the UltraTax CS Installation Toolkit for instructions on how to download and install UltraTax CS.

The initial release of UltraTax CS 2022 is meant for you to proforma clients into the new version and to send out organizers. Please keep in mind that forms and calculations are not final and are subject to change. Any work done on this version will need to be recalculated and verified with future releases. Therefore, we recommend waiting until later releases before working on clients.

10/13/22 CS Connect CS Connect N/A Notice 10/18/22 N/A An error occurred while locating the CS Connect server. Try again later.

Update: If you received the message an error occurred while locating the CS Connect server in your CS Professional Suite application, verify you are connected to the internet and then you will need to check for Windows updates and be sure to install the latest Windows security update that was released on October 17 to fix this. Please work with a qualified IT to install the latest Windows security update released on October 17.

If the update is not available automatically, please see the Microsoft website for the link to install the update manually: KB5020447: Out-of-band update for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2: October 17, 2022 (microsoft.com).

10/14/22 1040 MI City & OH City N/A Notice 10/14/22 N/A MI City and OH City Return Delayed Accepted Acknowledgements from 9/26/22

There are Michigan City return acknowledgements and Ohio City return acknowledgements that are delayed from 9/26/22.

We verified that those affected MI City and OH City returns from 9/26/22 have all been accepted. We will update this notice as soon as the taxing agency posts the acceptance acknowledgements to be retrieved via CS Connect.

If a customer contacts us about this, please verify that the city return is one that is listed on the Stale Acknowledgement Report from 9/26/22 and then you can inform them that the return was accepted, but we are working with the taxing agency to get the accepted acknowledgement posted so they can retrieve via CS Connect.

09/28/22 Platform Platform 21.3.3 Open 10/8/22 TBD Incorrect amounts displaying in forms view

Some users have reported numbers changing in forms view while navigating input screens. This does not affect the amounts in the Input View and a print preview will result in the correct numbers to display in forms view. E-files, print preview and printed returns will be accurate. The forms view amounts could continue to change while navigating after a print preview, but e-files and printed returns will be accurate.

If you are consistently experiencing this in a client or clients, for the time being, consider changing your UltraTax CS display settings (Window > Display Settings) to and option other than the display settings listed below.

We have identified that the following UltraTax CS display scenarios could produce the forms view inaccuracies.

One monitor: While having both input screen and forms view visible on that monitor (i.e. do not maximize their windows, and have them lined up side by side).

One monitor: While having the diagnostic window open while navigating input screens which are maximized in the view.

Multiple monitors: While having one monitor display inputs and one monitor display forms, then changing input data while having the forms displaying on another monitor.

We understand the frustration this may be causing you while reviewing returns. We are continuing to actively review scenarios in which this occurs to release an update, date to be determined.

08/29/22 Various Various N/A Notice 08/29/22 N/A UltraTax CS Fall Deadline Toolkit

Please refer to the UltraTax CS fall deadline toolkit for information on due dates, grace periods, payments, E-Filing and much more.

02/12/22 Various Various N/A Notice 08/29/22 N/A Resolve E-File Errors

For help resolving e-file errors, please navigate to the article Resolve E-File Errors and search the e-file error code.

Additional E-File Resources:

Master File rejections (1040)

• For additional e-file help, please navigate to the E-File Help Center.

• For general state electronic filing information, please navigate to the State Electronic Filing Guide.

10/03/22 Various US N/A Notice 10/03/22 N/A IRS Disaster Relief

For information on IRS disaster relief, please see the Around the Nation section of the IRS Disaster Relief page.

UltraTax CS is not typically updated for disaster provisions because you can use data entry in the program to account for such provisions. Please see Disaster Procedures in UltraTax CS for more information.

04/18/22 Various Fed and State N/A Notice 08/29/22 N/A E-Filing and Acknowledgments Around Deadlines


• E-filed returns/extensions that are due are considered timely filed if submitted by 11:59pm local time. We recommend that electronic files are transmitted to Thomson Reuters at least one hour prior to the filing deadline.

• E-File acknowledgement delays can occur on or around deadlines. The stated turnaround time for many taxing jurisdictions is 24-48 hours. While they are capable of processing returns and extensions at a faster rate than that, the volume of E-Files sent during deadlines may cause acknowledgements to be delayed up to 48 hours.

• E-files cannot be recalled after they are transmitted to Thomson Reuters.

09/19/22 1040 NJ N/A Notice 09/19/22 N/A New Jersey E-file Database Validation Error Rules 646, 704 and 679

We have reached out to the state of New Jersey to gather more information on how to correct the data base validation rejections below.

In the meantime, if you receive the rejections below you could attempt to remove overrides, review the return, recreate, and resubmit the e-file. If it is rejected again, you could attempt to suppress interest and penalties, review the return, recreate, and resubmit the e-file.

If it is still rejected or you can’t do the previous suggestions, then you would have to paper file the return.

• DBValidation: Total Tax, Penalty contains Invalid +/or Missing Req. Data (rule 646)

• DBValidation: NJ-1040NR Amount of Tax you owe Invalid +/or Missing (rule 704)

• DBValidation: NJ-1040NR BalanceDue Invalid (rule 679)

10/03/22 1040 DE N/A Fixed 10/10/22 N/A Delaware Rejection Rule X0000-009

Delaware Rejection: Incorrect Data: //ReturnHeaderState/SoftwareId: Software Id is not approved by agency. (value DB Validation Error, rule X0000-009

Update: Delaware has acknowledged all returns that have received this rejection and acknowledgements can be retrieved via CS Connect. Additionally, Delaware is not processing any returns until October 12 due to their scheduled maintenance.

09/19/22 All DE N/A Notice 09/19/22 N/A Delaware E-file Processing, Payments and Acknowledgements Pause

The Delaware Division of Revenue is undergoing an implementation to a new processing system. To this end, they are pausing the acknowledgment and download process for MeF from September 21, 2022 until October 12, 2022. You may continue to file, but they will not process returns & payments or send acknowledgments until October 12, 2022.

08/29/22 Various US N/A Notice 08/29/22 N/A IRS Provides Penalty Relief for Certain 2019 and 2020 returns due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The IRS announced in Notice 2022-36 that penalty relief will be provided for certain 2019 and 2020 returns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The penalty relief will be automatic for people and businesses who qualify. The relief applies to the failure to file penalty which is typically assessed at a rate of 5% per month and up to 25% of the unpaid tax when a federal income tax return is filed late. This relief applies to returns in both the Form 1040 and Form 1120 series, as well as others listed in the notice. To qualify, any eligible income tax return must be filed on or before 9/30/22. Relief is also available for various information returns, such as those in the Form 1099 series. The notice also provides details on relief for filers of various international information returns. Penalties that have already been assessed will be abated. If already paid, the taxpayer will receive a credit or refund. Refer to the IRS notice for more information.

08/25/22 1040 US N/A Notice 08/25/22 N/A UltraTax CS 2020 Only: Form 8283 Cannot be E-filed

In UltraTax CS 2020, Form 8283, Noncash Charitable Contributions, cannot be e-filed for 2020 returns due to late IRS specification changes.

07/26/22 Various US N/A Notice 07/26/22 N/A New IRS e-file Application Fingerprinting Process Implemented

In a Quick Alerts for Tax Professionals on June 29, 2022, the IRS announced a new fingerprinting process for e-file providers and electronic return originators (EROs). Individuals are required to use the IRS authorized vendor for fingerprinting. Each new Principal and Responsible Official listed on a new e-file application or added to an existing application needing fingerprints, must schedule an appointment with the IRS authorized vendor. Individuals requiring fingerprints can obtain the scheduling link by accessing the e-file Application Summary page and using the scheduling link on the Terms of Agreement Signature(s) & Personal Information section. This link will only be visible to each Principal and Responsible Official when the application is successfully submitted, and fingerprints are required. Additional information about the new fingerprinting process can be found on the become an authorized e-file provider webpage.

Other Information:

• An EFIN application summary only needs to be submitted to Thomson Reuters if you are applying for a new EFIN or are issued a new EFIN from the IRS, if you are changing your firm name or address, or if you are changing software providers.

• The new IRS electronic fingerprint process applies to a Principal or Responsible Official that is not certified or licensed and is applying for an EFIN or currently has an EFIN.

• If you are certified and licensed, such as an attorney, CPA or enrolled agent, then you would enter your current professional status information when applying for a new EFIN or updating your information.

• If you are not certified or licensed and already have an EFIN, you would retain your current EFIN, but beginning September 25, 2022, the IRS will implement a new electronic fingerprinting process, requiring you to schedule an appointment with the IRS authorized vendor for fingerprinting. There will be no charge for this service. On September 25, 2022, you can schedule your appointment by accessing the scheduling link located on the IRS e-file application summary page. Please see the become an authorized e-file provider for more information.

• If you are not certified or licensed and are applying for an EFIN, then the new electronic fingerprinting process applies to you. Please see become an authorized e-file provider for more information.

06/30/22 1040 US N/A Notice 07/05/22 N/A UltraTax CS 2022 E-Filing Amended Returns and Superseding Returns

According to IR-2022-130, taxpayers now have more options to correct, amend returns electronically. UltraTax CS 2022 will support the e-filing of superseding returns and amending 1040NR returns.

06/22/22 1040 US N/A Notice 06/24/22 N/A IRS Rejection Rule IND-412

Update: The IRS replied to our request and let us know that they will be updating their error checking to stop erroneously rejecting returns with the Rule IND-412. Returns that have been rejected by the IRS with the Rule IND-412 code can be recreated again in UltraTax CS and retransmitted to the IRS after Sunday, June 26, 2022. This means the returns can be e-filed again starting Monday, June 27, 2022.

Incorrect Data: /Return/ReturnData/IRS1040/OwedAmt: If 'RefundAmt' in the return has a value greater than zero, then 'OwedAmt' must be equal to zero if an amount is entered. (value #, rule IND-412)

06/06/22 1120 NYC N/A Notice 06/06/22 N/A For New York City Filers: New York State PTET Addback – Effective for 2021

For tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2021, General Corporation Tax (“GCT”) and Banking Corporation Tax (“Bank Tax”) taxpayers are now required to add back New York State Pass Through Entity Tax (“PTET”) deducted from Federal Taxable Income. Unincorporated Business Tax (“UBT”) taxpayers were previously required to add back New York State PTET deducted in 2021. DOF will not apply any interest or impose penalties on additional tax for GCT and Bank Tax taxpayers as a result of these addback amounts if paid by June 15, 2022.

Payment of tax or estimated tax resulting from the addback and otherwise due on or before June 15th, 2022, must be made by all affected taxpayers by June 15th, 2022, in order to receive the relief from interest and penalties described above. Those GCT and Bank Tax taxpayers who have already filed a 2021 tax return must file an amended return showing the addback of the New York State PTET.

Taxpayers filing an original or amended return who are seeking this relief must enter special condition code “PT” in the special condition code box at the top of the return. Please see Finance Memorandum 22-2 for more details, information and instructions.

05/31/22 Platform VO/SaaS N/A Notice 05/31/22 N/A Update 1120 Ohio Cities v.21.3.2 for Virtual Office CS and Software as a Service

Virtual Office CS and Software as a Service will receive the update 1120-OH Cities v.21.3.2 overnight on 5/31/22 and it will be available for use on 6/1/22. Currently, the update is available for desktop users.

05/23/22 1040 PA 21.3.3 Notice 05/31/22 N/A Pennsylvania DOR Clarification on $15,000 Electronic payment requirement

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (DOR) has provided clarification in response to questions around the new $15,000 electronic payment requirement. Under Act 25 of 2021, passed in June 2021, personal income tax payments made after December 31, 2021, that are equal to or greater than $15,000, must be made electronically. Payments not made electronically will be subject to a penalty equal to 3% of the payment amount, not to exceed $500. The electronic funds transfer (EFT) threshold for taxes other than personal income tax is still $1,000.

The DOR has begun automatically granting relief for first-time recipients of a penalty for one of the following three reasons:

• Bad payment fee

• EFT penalty

• Late filing penalty

To qualify for this DOR relief, taxpayers must not have received a bad payment fee, EFT penalty, late filing penalty, underpayment penalty, or estimated underpayment penalty in the past. The new process generates a Notice of Penalty Adjustment and eliminates the need for customers to file a petition with the Board of Appeals.

The fastest and easiest way to submit an electronic payment is by visiting myPATH.pa.gov.

In UltraTax CS 2021,

• You can modify the 2021 UltraTax/1040-PA filing instructions to reference myPATH.pa.gov, including quarterly estimated payment coupons to reflect this new $15,000 EFT filing requirement if necessary. Refer to Customizing client documents to learn how to edit and save client document changes.

• To determine if you filed a client with Pennsylvania estimate payments equal to or greater than $15,000, you can use the data mining feature in UltraTax CS by navigating to Utilities, and then Data Mining to perform a search for clients that you would like to inform of the penalty if they choose to not pay electronically.

05/26/22 990 All 20.3.9 Open 05/26/22 TBD 990 US fiscal year return blocked by CS Connect

If a user electronically files a 990-US short year return and then electronically files a second full year return in the same tax year and the tax period ending month for both returns are the same, then the second return will receive an error saying that the return was already accepted.

The file name of the accepted return will need to be modified in Connect for for the second return to be e-filed. After the file name is changed on Connect then the user will need to change the client ID, then recreate and retransmit the second return.

05/20/22 Platform Platform N/A Notice 05/20/22 N/A Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer as of June 15, 2022

A reminder to all CS Professional Suite customers that Thomson Reuters will discontinue IE as a supported browser for all CS Suite products due to Microsoft’s scheduled end of support on June 15, 2022.

Please view Microsoft’s FAQs about the retirement of Internet Explorer for more information.

To ensure the best possible experience, we recommend using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser.

05/19/22 1065 IL N/A Notice 05/19/22 N/A 1065 Illinois Estimated Payment Refunded

We are aware of this and we’re working closely with the state for resolution.

• Estimates filed before 5/10/22 are affected by this.

• Estimates filed after 5/10/22 are automatically corrected before it is transmitted to the state.

Our state contact has informed us that the business processing division has been notified of the circumstances and are being extra diligent in reviewing these electronic payments. They are trying to stop these refunds and instead move the payments to TY2022 on as many of these returns as possible. Our development teams are compiling the list of affected returns which we will forward to the state, to provide as much information as possible to the business processing division.

Also, per our state contact, “If a taxpayer has received a refund, but has not cashed it, they should return the refund to the IDOR with an explanation of the circumstances. The payment then can get reapplied to the correct tax year and given the originally payment date. If the refund has been cashed, then the taxpayer should resubmit the estimated payment(s) as soon as possible. If they are assessed a late payment penalty for the underpayment of estimated tax, they could then request reasonable cause for waiver of the penalty.”

05/19/22 1040 MI N/A Notice 08/02/22 N/A Michigan E-File Rejection Rule 238

Rejection Rule 238: Math Error: Senior/TaxAndRentEligible: MI-1040CR line 38 must equal line 36 multiplied by line 37 (maximum $1500).

Items to be included in property tax clients receiving this error:

• If the client is single and deceased, Enter the "Number of days occupied" and "Property taxes levied" on MI PropTx screen in the MI Credits folder.

• If the client is married and both are deceased, Enter the "Number of days occupied" and "Property taxes levied" on MI PropTx screen in the MI Credits folder.

Note: The number of days occupied is calculated from Jan 1 to the date of death. If the client is married, only one deceased in the year, and the spouse is still living in the same home, there is no proration and the "Number of days occupied" and "Property taxes levied" on MI PropTx screen in the MI Credits folder is not necessary.

01/11/22 Various State E-Filing N/A Notice 01/24/22 N/A Internal: Inactive State E-File Systems

IMPORTANT: The FYI ADOs below are internal, so be mindful of how you are communicating information to the customer.

If e-filing for a state has not been approved yet, please let the customer know that we are working with the state to get e-filing approved and a date is still to be determined. If you see information that we are testing with the state or that we are waiting on the state for approval, that information is internal and you would not tell that to the customer. If you have a question about the information in an ADO below, please see a Senior Consultant (Resolver).

Refer to the following FYI ADOs for information on inactive state e-file systems. A CS Connect update will be pushed out when a state's e-file system becomes available and we receive approval.

1040: FYI 1830040

1120: FYI 1829152

1065: FYI 1828475

1041: FYI 1829179

990: FYI 1829175

Multi-Entity: FYI 1829176

01/24/22 1120/1065 PTET N/A Notice 01/24/22 N/A Internal: Pass-through Entity Level Tax (PTET) Information

IMPORTANT: The FYI ADOs below are internal, so be mindful of how you are communicating information to the customer.

If PTET forms have not been released for a state yet in UltraTax CS, please let the customer know that we are working with the state to get the forms released and a date is still to be determined. If you see information that we are testing with the state or that we are waiting on the state for approval, that information is internal and you would not tell that to the customer. If you have a question about the information in an ADO below, please see a Senior Consultant (Resolver).

Refer to the following FYI ADOs for information on Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTET) returns in UltraTax CS 2021.

1120 PTET: FYI 1830093

1065 PTET: FYI 1830088

04/17/22 1040 US N/A Notice 04/17/22 N/A Important IRS Electronic Filing Dates for April Deadline

• April 18, 2022 is the last date to transmit Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) to FinCEN.

• April 18, 2022 is the last date to transmit timely filed electronic 1040 returns and Form 4868 extensions.

• April 23, 2022 is the last date to retransmit rejected timely filed electronic 1040 returns and Form 4868 extensions.

Processing Reminder: Historically, the 5 days preceding the filing deadline is the highest transmission period for returns and extensions for the IRS. During this period, transmissions and acknowledgements may be delayed. Thomson Reuters recommends that preparers transmit returns and extensions as soon as possible instead of accumulating a large batch of returns and extensions and transmitting them on April 18. Because transmissions are nearly instantaneous, the CS Connect dialog has no option to recall transmitted returns. Also, Thomson Reuters Customer Service does not have the ability to recall transmitted returns.

04/16/22 1120 NYC N/A Notice 04/25/22 N/A NYC Rejection: In Care of Name Invalid

Filer/In Care Of Name: is invalid. (/ReturnState/ ReturnHeaderState/Filer/InCareOfNm)

A percent symbol (%) will need to be input before the In care of field name on screen NYGenC. So, it would look like this "% [In care of field name]". After adding a % symbol at the beginning, the return can be recreated and retransmitted via CS Connect.

03/29/22 1040 AL N/A Notice 03/29/22 N/A 1040-AL: Calculation of the updated Federal Income Tax Deduction Worksheet

The Alabama Department of Revenue has updated the Federal Income Tax Deduction Worksheet. The updated worksheet complies with the provisions of Senate Bill 172.

According to Senate Bill 172, “For the tax year ending on December 31, 2021, the federal income tax deduction allowed to individual taxpayers for federal income tax paid or accrued will be calculated without consideration of the reductions in federal tax attributable to any additional federal child tax credit, federal earned income tax credit, or federal child and dependent care tax credit received pursuant to Sections 9611, 9612, 9621, 9622, 9623, 9624, 9625, 9626, and 9631 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA). Instead, for any federal income tax reductions attributable to the federal child tax credit, the earned income tax credit, and the federal child and dependent care tax credits, the federal income tax deduction will be calculated as if the individual paid the federal income tax that would otherwise have been paid under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code in effect on December 31, 2020.”

The main worksheet and some of the supporting calculations have been implemented in UltraTax CS. Additional worksheets are in the process of being implemented to recalculate the remainder of the required credits and will be released on future updates of UltraTax/1040-AL, date to be determined.

The Alabama Department of Revenue recommends waiting until all calculations are automated to file affected returns.

Please refer to the User Bulletin for update 1040-AL v.21.3.2, which was released on 3/29/22, in UltraTax CS 2021 for a spreadsheet that Tax Professionals may use to recalculate the remaining credits. The inputs on screen ALAdj-2 can be used to enter the calculated credit amounts and the return can still be filed despite a critical diagnostic. The User Bulletin can be found by selecting Help, then Bulletins and filtering to 1040 Alabama. Virtual Office CS and Software as a Service will receive the update overnight and it will be available in the morning on 3/30/22.

03/23/22 Platform Organizers 21.3.0 Verified 03/29/22 TBD Onvio Web Organizer fails when retrieving into UltraTax CS

We identified an Onvio Questionnaire update that occurred on 3/17 causing questionnaires to fail during an UltraTax CS retrieval when one or more dependents exist for the client. A temporary fix was released on 3/25 which removed the dependents IP PIN line in the questionnaire report. This will allow all existing questionnaires to be retrieved in UltraTax CS. A future update, date to be determined, to Onvio Questionnaires will reimplement the IP PIN line in the report.

03/19/22 1040 US N/A Notice 03/19/22 N/A Pass-through Entity Tax Credit for a 1040 Return

Please see the following Help and How-To article for information on how to enter a pass-through entity tax (PTET) credit for a 1040 return.

03/21/22 1040 US N/A Fixed 03/21/22 N/A Rejection Rule F2441-027

Rejection: If Form 2441 is present in the return, then Schedule 3 (Form 1040) 'CreditForChildAndDepdCareAmt' and/or 'RfdblCrForChildAndDepdCareAmt' will have a non-zero value. (F2441-027)

Update: The IRS disabled error code F2441-027 as of 11:15 AM ET, 3/23/22. Returns previously rejected by the IRS with the error code can be recreated and transmitted again. Returns with a Form 2441 with no credit reported on Schedule 3 (Form 1040) should no longer be rejected if it was transmitted to the IRS and processed after 11:15am EST today, 3/23/22.

03/17/22 1041 US N/A Notice 03/17/22 N/A E-File Rejection Rule R0000-901-01

Rejection Rule R0000-901-01: Filer's EIN and Name Control in the Return Header must match data in the e-File database.

This is considered a master file rejection since the EIN and Name Control do not match what the IRS has on file in the E-File database.


Review the EIN on the 1041 screen. If the EIN is incorrect, correct it and recreate the e-file and transmit the return.

If the EIN is correct and you reviewed the name control guidelines for 1041 electronic filing, contact the IRS e-help Desk at 866-255-0654 to correct the issue. If the problem can't be resolved with the IRS, you will have to paper file the return.

03/02/22 1040 US N/A Notice 03/15/22 N/A Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit and Electronic Filing Error Code F8962-006-01

If Form 8962, Box A is marked to indicate unemployment compensation was received by the taxpayer, or spouse if applicable, then Form 8962, line 5, Household income as a percentage of federal poverty line should be 133%. This percentage is used according to page 8 of the Form 8962 instructions and the IRS’s Known Issues and Solutions for electronic filing. If Box A is marked and line 5 is not 133%, the IRS will reject the return with error code F8962-006-01. Thomson Reuters is seeing numerous rejects because tax preparers are overriding line 5 on Form 8962.

Also, for Form 8962 filers, if the result of line 3, Household income, divided by line 4, Federal poverty line, equals 400% or greater, Form 8962, line 5 should be no greater than 401%. This is according to Worksheet 2, Household Income as a Percentage of the Federal Poverty Line, in the Form 8962 instructions. Further, for electronic filing purposes, if line 5 calculates to 400%, then 401% should be used for electronic filing purposes to pass the IRS’s electronic filing error checking. This is an IRS workaround for their error checking from the IRS Known Issues and Solutions for electronic filing. If Form 8962, line 5 is overridden to be greater than 401% and is electronically filed, the IRS will reject the return with error code F8962-006-01.

03/14/22 1040 CA N/A Notice 03/14/22 N/A 1040-CA - SB 113 / PTE Credit / Sch P(540) changes - Modified Legislation passed 2/9/22

SB 113 / Schedule P(540) – Code 242 Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax Credit

1040-CA version 21.3.4 is tentatively planned for release via CS Connect the week of Monday, March 21, 2022 to coincide with changes from the Franchise Tax Board to allow processing of returns for which the allowed amount of Pass-Through Entity Tax Credit is determined under revised legislation per the provisions of SB 113. With the upcoming release, the Code 242 Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax Credit will default to being reported on Schedule P(540/540NR), Section B2, where it can offset Tentative Minimum Tax per the revised legislation addressed by SB 113. In prior versions of UT21/1040-CA, the credit is reported on Schedule P(540/540NR), section A2, where it was subject to Tentative Minimum Tax restrictions under the original legislation. We will update this notice if anything pertaining to the release changes.

California Franchise Tax Board advises that taxpayers who already filed a Form 540 or Form 540NR return which claimed the code 242 credit (under the provisions of the original legislation) and who could benefit from the revised legislation have the following options:

• Amend the 2021 return, claiming the credit in Section B2 of Schedule (P540/540NR), further reducing the current year tax liability and reducing or eliminating any credit carryforward to future years. With the 1040-CA version 21.3.4 release, the credit will default to Section B2 of Schedule P(540/540NR).

• Do nothing further for 2021. If taxpayer does not wish to amend the 2021 return, they may use all of the credit carryforward generated by the return filed under the original legislation in future years. To preserve the calculation under the original legislation (where code 242 credit is reported on Schedule P(540/540NR) in Section A2), on Screen CACr mark the new field “Report Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax Credit on Sch P(540/540NR), Section A2 instead of Section B2 for return already filed.” This field, available with 1040-CA version 21.3.4, is intended only for 2021 Form 540/540NR returns which have already been filed and which claimed the Code 242 Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax Credit on Schedule P(540/540NR), Section A2 under the original tax legislation. If this field is marked, a Form 540/540NR electronic file cannot be created.



With 1040-CA version 21.3.4, use the following calculated values in a DataMining search to find Form 540/540NR returns already filed that claim the Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax Credit:

• Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax Credit - Amt Used

• Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax Credit - Carryover to Next Year

03/14/22 1040 AZ N/A Notice 03/24/22 N/A Arizona SBI Forms

1040-AZ v.21.3.4 was released on 3/24/22 which included Arizona SBI electonic file approval.

03/04/22 1065 CA N/A Notice 03/14/22 N/A 1065 California Pass-Through Entity Tax

Update: 1065-CA v.21.3.4 was released on 3/14/22. This release includes the ability to create and electronically file returns that include the Pass-Through Entity Elective Tax with the California Franchise Tax Board. Virtual Office CS and Software as a Service will receive the update overnight and it will be available for use in the morning on 3/15/22.

Also, if a taxpayer is affected by SB113, the CA FTB recommends they wait to file. CA FTB will be updating forms and instructions and UltraTax CS will include those changes in a future release. We will update this notice when we have more information on the release.

01/26/22 Various US N/A Notice 02/11/22 N/A Forgiveness of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans

Please see the following articles for more information about forgiveness of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans in UltraTax CS.

1040-US: Report Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan information

1120-US: Entering PPP loan forgiveness

1065-US: Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan information

02/25/22 1040 US 21.3.0 Verified 02/25/22 TBD E-File Error: F8379-021 NonrefundableCreditsAmt

If Form 8379, 'NonrefundableCreditsAmt' in 'JointReturnAmtGrp' has a non-zero value, then it must be equal to Form 1040, 'TotalNonrefundableCreditsAmt'.

E-File Error F8379-021 was put in place to prevent the IRS from rejecting the return. We will push out an update once the IRS updates their e-file system to prevent the return from being erroneously rejected. We do not have an estimated date as to when that will be and there is not a workaround to be able to e-file the return.

01/25/22 1040 US N/A Notice 02/01/22 N/A Rejection Rule: F8962-070

The e-File database indicates that Form 8962 or a binary attachment with description containing "ACA Explanation" must be present in the return.

Update: The IRS has verified the F8962-070 error code is working as intended. For returns rejected with F8962-070, either Form 8962 needs to be included in the electronic file or a statement containing the reason(s) Form 8962 is not required needs to be attached to the electronic file using the description ACA Explanation. With the UltraTax CS 1040 v.21.3.0 update released on 2/1/22, a new statement field has been added to Screen Coverage in the Health Care input folder, Reason(s) why Form 8962 not required with return (ELF only for ACA Explanation in F8962-070 rejection). If Form 8962 is not required to be attached to the return, enter the reason(s) why in this statement to include the IRS required ACA Explanation binary attachment in the electronic file. After entering the reason(s), the electronic file can be recreated and retransmitted.

Virtual Office and Software as a Service will receive the update overnight and it will be available in the morning on 2/2/22.

02/15/22 1120/1065 US N/A Notice 02/18/22 N/A Schedules K-2 and K-3

If you are on or above the updates listed below and Schedule K-2/K-3 are printing with the return, they are automatically included as a PDF attachment to the electronic file.

• 1120-US v.21.3.0 released on 2/8/22

• 1065-US v.21.3.1 released on 2/10/22

The IRS has issued Schedules K-2 and K-3 Frequently Asked Questions (Forms 1065, 1120S, and 8865) , that includes further details on additional relief for certain partnerships and pass-through entities without foreign activities, which won’t have to file Schedules K-2 and K-3 with their tax returns for 2021.

In general, to qualify for this exception, the following must be met:

In tax year 2021, the direct partners in the domestic partnership are not foreign partnerships, foreign corporations, foreign individuals, foreign estates or foreign trusts.

In tax year 2021, the domestic partnerships or S corporation has no foreign activity, including foreign taxes paid or accrued or ownership of assets that generate, have generated or may reasonably expect to generate foreign source income (see section 1.861-9(g)(3)).

In tax year 2020, the domestic partnership or S corporation did not provide to its partners or shareholders nor did the partners or shareholders request the information regarding (on the form or attachments thereto):

• Line 16, Form 1065, Schedules K and K-1 (line 14 for Form 1120-S), and

• Line 20c, Form 1065, Schedule K and K-1 (Controlled Foreign Corporations, Passive Foreign Investment Companies, 1120-F, section 250, section 864(c)(8), section 721(c), partnerships, and section 7874) (line17d for Form 1120-S).

The domestic partnership or S corporation has no knowledge that the partners or shareholders are requesting such information for tax year 2021.

Refer to IR-2022-38 for further information.

01/26/22 1040 TN N/A Notice 01/26/22 N/A Tennessee Franchise Tax Return FAE-170

In UltraTax CS 2021, Tennessee 1040 did not have a proforma release. The Tennessee Franchise Tax return FAE-170 will be available in a future release which is still to be determined. The INC 250 Individual Income Tax Return has expired per Tennessee law and has been removed from the software.

12/01/21 1120 NJ N/A Notice 12/01/21 N/A New Jersey Fiscal Year Forms

The New Jersey Division of Taxation has not yet announced an automatic extension due date for corporate returns for July 31, 2021 thru November 30, 2021 fiscal year ends. It is recommended that filers whose normal return due date will lapse prior to any such announcement being made, should file their extension for Form CBT-100, CBT-100S or CBT-100U online prior to their normal due date in order to avoid potential penalty and interest calculations by the New Jersey Division of Taxation. The New Jersey website for making corporate online payments can be accessed here.

11/23/21 Virtual Office CS Platform N/A Notice 11/23/21 N/A Virtual Office CS Users: Opening Application prompts with Firm ID and PIN

If you are a Virtual Office CS user and you attempt to access a CS Professional Suite application and are being prompted to input a firm ID and PIN, please login to Your Account and verify that you have renewed your software.

11/18/21 Platform Platform N/A Notice 11/18/21 N/A UltraTax CS on Windows 11

UltraTax CS is supported in the Windows 11 environment.

11/05/21 NetFirm CS NetFirm CS N/A Notice 11/05/21 N/A Multi-Factor Authentication Setup

Here are the resources for setting up Multi-Factor Authentication in our Multi-Factor Authentication Overview. If you are having further issues please go to Contact Us with description of your issue and we can assist.

11/04/21 NetFirm CS NetFirm CS N/A Notice 11/04/21 N/A Locked accounts and unlock procedure

If you or someone at your firm or a client of your firm is locked out of their account, please go to Contact Us with the logins that require unlock and we will unlock.

11/01/21 1040 US N/A Notice 11/01/21 N/A Families with Child Tax Credit (CTC) and reporting income changes via new IRS portal

Beginning on Monday, Nov. 1, 2021, the IRS will launch a new feature allowing any family receiving monthly Child Tax Credit payments to update their income using the Child Tax Credit Update Portal (CTC UP), found exclusively on IRS.gov. In addition, the IRS in late November will launch a new Spanish-language version of the CTC UP.

The IRS urges families to enter any significant income changes by midnight on November 1, 2021 in order for them to be reflected in their November payment, scheduled for November 15, 2021. If a family is unable to make the changes on November 1, 2021, they can enter them by November 29, 2021 so they are reflected in the December payment. Once the update is made, the IRS will adjust the remaining payment amounts to ensure people receive the total advance payment for the year. For married couples, if one spouse makes the income update, it will apply to both spouses and could impact both spouses’ future monthly advance payments of the Child Tax Credit. Refer to IR-2021-211 for more information on how the IRS will adjust CTC payments.

UltraTax/1040 Data Mining has predefined searches for the Child Tax Credit Qualifying Children, Child Tax Credit Qualifying Children Next Year, Child Tax Credit/Credit for Other Dependents clients, Children no longer qualifying for child tax credit – Current Year, and Children no longer qualifying for full child tax credit – Next Year to help you identify clients with the CTC data entry. You can also make your own user-defined letters to mail or email your clients on what action they need to take around IR-2021-211 . To open the UltraTax CS Data Mining feature, choose Utilities > Data Mining.

10/29/21 1040 US N/A Notice 10/29/21 N/A 2022 PTIN Renewal Period Underway for Tax Professionals

The IRS announced that the PTIN system is ready to accept applications for 2022. Anyone who prepares for compensation or helps prepare, all or substantially all of tax returns, or claims for refunds must have a PTIN. Paid return preparers must have valid, current PTINs to prepare tax returns. All current PTINs will expire December 31, 2021.

For those who already have a 2021 PTIN, the renewal process can be completed online and only takes a few moments. If you can’t remember your user ID and password, or requirements for federal tax professionals, there are online tools to assist you. Preparers can get started at IRS Tax Professional PTIN System.

10/14/21 1040 NY N/A Notice 10/14/21 N/A New York Extended Relief for Taxpayers Impacted by Post-Tropical Depression Ida

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance announced an extension of certain October 15, 2021 deadlines for taxpayers affected by Post-Tropical Depression Ida until January 3, 2022. This relief has further extended certain tax filing and payment deadlines for taxpayers who were directly affected by Post-Tropical Depression Ida. Please refer to N-21-5, Announcement Regarding Extension of Certain October 15 Deadlines for Taxpayers Affected by Post-Tropical Depression Ida, to learn more on who is eligible, and type of relief granted. There will be no UltraTax CS 1040-NY software update for this extended relief.

10/08/21 FinCEN FinCEN N/A Notice 10/08/21 N/A FinCEN Provides FBAR Relief to Victims of Recent Natural Disasters

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued a notice extending the filing date of Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Account (FBARs) for victims of recent natural disasters, including Hurricane Ida, the California wildfires, and Tropical Storm Fred. Victims of recent natural disasters will have until December 31, 2021 to file FBARs for the 2020 calendar year. FinCEN is offering this expanded relief to any area designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as qualifying for individual assistance. Should FEMA designate other localities affected by these natural disasters as eligible for individual assistance at a later date, FBAR filers in those additional localities will receive the same filing relief automatically.

10/08/21 FinCEN FinCEN N/A Notice 10/08/21 N/A FinCEN Form 114 (FBAR) October 15th Deadline for Foreign Bank and Financial Account Holders

Filers missing the April 15, 2021 annual due date earlier this year received an automatic extension until October 15, 2021, to file the FBAR. They did not need to request the extension. Thomson Reuters recommends that preparers transmit FBAR as soon as possible instead of accumulating a large batch and transmitting on October 15th.

Refer to User Bulletin 1040US-20.3.1: Electronic Filing – 1040 Processing Procedures for more information on the UltraTax CS processing steps for electronically filing FinCEN Form 114.

10/08/21 1040 US N/A Notice 10/08/21 N/A Unemployment Compensation Exclusion for Community Property States

On July 7, 2021, IRS guidance clarified that for married filing joint taxpayers residing in a community property state, the Unemployment Compensation Exclusion worksheet should split the unemployment income equally when calculating the exclusion. This calculation was updated in UltraTax CS 1040 on July 15, 2021 with 1040-US v.20.3.12. For more information, please see 2020 Unemployment Compensation Exclusion FAQs — Topic A: Eligibility.

10/07/21 1065 & 1120 NY N/A Notice 10/07/21 N/A New York Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTET) Election

According to the New York Department of Taxation and Finance, the Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTET) election can only be made by an authorized person. Tax professionals may not make this election on behalf of their clients. Therefore, there is not a way to make this election in UltraTax CS.

Please refer to the New York Department of Taxation and Finance article Pass-Through Entity Tax for more information.

10/04/21 Platform Platform 20.3.4 Notice 10/04/21 N/A Ability to Download Electronic Filing Acknowledgements Automatically Removed

The ability to download electronic filing acknowledgements automatically by checking the box in Setup > System Configuration > CS Connect tab was removed with UltraTax CS Platform version 20.3.4. This functionality will no longer work. To manually retrieve electronic filing acknowledgements via CS Connect, click the CS Connect button in the UltraTax CS toolbar. In the Options tab, click the Electronic filing: Retrieve acknowledgements switch to set it to Yes, and then click the Connect button.

If a customer contacts us regarding this, please add the firm ID to the Firm's Impacted in ADO 1824619.

IMPORTANT: Please log tickets in Flash for this by using the following information.

• Product: TAXPLATW

• Topic: CONN (CS Connect)

• Sub-topic: BGDL (Background Services)

• KB Case #: Acks

ADO 1824619

08/30/21 990 US 20.3.7 Open 08/30/21 TBD 990-T is being included in the Public inspection copy for a 501(c)(6)

The public inspection copy includes Form 990-T for organizations other than 501(c)(3). The work around is to change the print condition of Form 990-T and related forms and schedules to 'Never' in the Government collation when generating the public inspection PDF.

04/07/21 1065, 1120 All N/A Notice 04/07/21 N/A Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) treatment in UltraTax CS

According to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, generally the EIDL advances made by the SBA aren't included in income. However, because there may be other variables to consider, it is ultimately up to the preparer to determine how EIDL advances should be reported on the tax return, and therefore entered into UltraTax CS.

If you have a license to Checkpoint, you can search "Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL)" and find several resources to help determine the impact of EIDL advances for businesses.

03/13/21 1065, 1120 MI N/A Notice 03/13/21 N/A MBT - Michigan Business Tax Availability
The MBT (Michigan Business Tax) return was replaced by the CIT (Corporate Income Tax) back in 2011.

Post 2011, the MBT was only to be used for certain credits that had not been fully utilized. See below.

“…which enables certain MBT taxpayers with certificated or awarded credits to continue using those credits once the CIT is in place. Such taxpayers may elect to continue filing and paying under the MBT until the expiration of the previously-awarded certificated credits.” (Examples of credits: rehabilitation, film production, community endowment fund, and education endowment fund)

CIT/MBT Information

In the 10 years since 2011 very few credits should remain, therefore, the MBT forms will not be available in UltraTax CS 2019 and forward.

02/22/21 Platform Integration 20.3.1 Verified 09/17/21 UltraTax CS 2021 Printing to Onvio: Missing Returns and K-1 packages in send screen

Firms printing the preparer copy from UltraTax CS to Onvio experience an issue where this screen is completely empty.

This item will be fixed in UltraTax CS 2021. However, there are 2 workarounds that can be used in the meantime:

Workaround 1:

The workaround is to remove the apostrophe from the client name and print again.

Workaround 2:

The workaround is to Unmark the option in Setup > Office Configuration, to print K1 packages to Onvio Documents if the K1 recipient is also an UT client

Our teams are currently investigating a solution to the behavior. We apologize for the inconvenience.

01/20/21 1065 US N/A Notice 01/20/21 N/A Schedule M-2 and Schedule K-1, item L – Partners’ Capital Accounts

Form 1065 instructions indicate that Schedule M-2 and Schedule K-1, item L (item F for Form 8865 returns), Partner Capital Accounts is to be reported on tax basis. If tax-basis capital was calculated last year using the Partners’ Tax Basis Capital Accounts Worksheet, Screen M1M2, Capital account at the beginning of year proformas from ending capital on the tax capital worksheet. If tax-basis capital was not calculated last year, ending capital from Schedule K-1, item L proformas to Screen M1M2, Capital account at the beginning of year.


▪ For all clients proforma’d from prior year UltraTax CS/1065, an FYI diagnostic will indicate whether the amount proforma’d to Screen M1M2, Capital account at the beginning of the year is from the prior year Schedules M-2 and K-1 ending capital amount or the prior year ending tax-basis capital amount from the Partners’ Tax Basis Capital Accounts Worksheet.

▪ If Schedule M-2 and Schedule K-1, item L were reported using a method other than tax basis in the prior year, beginning capital on Screen M1M2 may need to be adjusted for this year’s reporting requirements.

Please review the description at the bottom of ADO 1808947. There is a lot of useful information outlining the changes.

ADO 1808947

02/12/21 Various US N/A Notice 02/12/21 N/A COVID-19 Paid Leave Tax Credit Eligibility Tool

Thomson Reuters has launched the COVID-19 Paid Leave Tax Credit Tool that may be used to determine if an employer is eligible to take a tax credit for providing qualified leave wages for coronavirus (COVID-19) related reasons. This new free tool asks a series of questions designed to determine whether an employer may be eligible to claim a tax credit for providing COVID-19 emergency paid sick leave and/or expanded family leave. The tool provides a brief overview summarizing the available tax credit and the recent extension. In addition, the tool walks through a series of Yes/No questions to determine if they are eligible to claim a credit for providing qualified leave wages in the first quarter of 2021. It outlines types of leave that qualify for the tax credit and also provides the maximum amounts of qualified leave wages eligible for the credit. Finally, the tool explains how the credit may be claimed.

02/05/21 1065/1120S US N/A Notice 02/05/21 N/A Business Interest Expense Limitation - Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Why aren’t adjusted taxable income and business interest income for business interest expense being reported on Schedule K-1, Other Information?

Answer: Based on Regulation 1.163(j)-6(m), the interest expense from an exempt Partnership is not subject to further limitation under Section 163(j). The partner’s share of the Partnership’s business interest expense, adjusted taxable income, and business interest income is no longer included on the Form 8990 filed by the partner.


Question: Why aren’t adjusted taxable income and business interest income for business interest expense being reported on Schedule K-1, Other Information?

Answer: Based on Regulation 1.163(j)-6(m), the interest expense from an exempt S Corporation is not subject to further limitation under Section 163(j). The shareholder’s share of the S Corporation’s business interest expense, adjusted taxable income, and business interest income is no longer included on the Form 8990 filed by the shareholder.

01/29/21 Platform Integration 20.3.0 Open 01/29/21 TBD UltraTax 2020.3.0 Onvio Document Rename window on Virtual Office

Printing from Virtual Office UltraTax CS 2020 to Onvio does not bring up the Confirm Documents window - It is currently necessary to open Onvio Link on Virtual Office before UltraTax CS 2020 in order to have the Confirm Documents window when printing from UltraTax CS 2020 to Onvio. If Onvio Link is not opened prior to UltraTax CS 2020, then the document will automatically upload with the original name.

09/30/20 Platform All N/A Notice 09/30/20 Notice Removal of reCAPTCHA

Thomson Reuters utilizes current security best practices as part of our commitment to our customers. Along with many in the industry, including current IRS Safeguards, we rely on the National Institute of Standards & Technology (“NIST”) for security policies and practices. Due to recent changes to the IRS Trusted Customer Requirements for 2021, Thomson Reuters has removed the use of reCAPTCHA in the login process for Onvio, NetFirm CS, NetClient CS and CS Professional Suite desktop products effective 10/01/2020. In addition Thomson Reuters has already instituted support for multi-factor authentication, an IRS requirement that all tax software providers must be in compliance with by 2021. To learn more about the importance of MFA, please visit our website.

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