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Enter allocation amounts in one place for all states

Use the Multi-State Allocation dialog to enter allocation amounts in one place for all states. UltraTax CS uses this information for income and deduction items subject to allocation.

You can use the following methods to allocate amounts to the applicable states displayed in the Multi-State Allocation dialog.

  • Percentage: You can apply a standard percentage to all applicable components within a specific state.
  • Amount: You can enter unique amounts for select components within a specific state.
  • Combination: You can allocate amounts using a combination of percentages and amounts.

To access the Multi-State Allocation dialog, open a 1040 or 1041 client and either choose View > Allocation or click the Allocation button Allocation button from within one of the applicable input screens. Note that you must have at least one state return attached to the open client.

Fields & buttons

Component column: The left-most column in the spreadsheet lists descriptions of the most frequently used components for the tab selected.

State columns: Use these columns to enter the in-state amounts for the allocation forms. Most allocation data entry is completed in these columns. Note that only states attached to the current client's return appear as columns.

Other column: Use this column to enter component data that you would not enter in one of the state columns, such as out-of-country information or data for states that do not require income tax returns. Note that data from this column is not used in any calculation.

This column shows information and amounts from the federal return, for your reference only. Data from this column is not used in any state calculation.

In this field, enter the desired percentage of federal amounts to be applied to the state selected in the State drop-down list.

Select the desired state from the list. The states that will appear in the list are only those that you are processing for the current return.

Click this button to apply the percentage of federal amounts to the state selected.

Click this button to open the Print Reports dialog. From this dialog you can print a report of the Multi-state allocation spreadsheet for future reference. If licensed, you can also print to FileCabinet CS.

You may view the Multi-state allocation spreadsheet as it would appear if printed. Click this button to preview the report on screen before you print it.

Click this button to open the Export Excel Worksheet dialog, where you can export multi-state allocation information from UltraTax CS to an Excel spreadsheet. For more information, see Using the Excel Export / Import utility for multi-state allocation information (1040).

This button is available if allocation data is not present from a prior processing session. Click the Cancel button to exit the Multi-State Allocation dialog without saving allocation amounts. Once allocated amounts are present and saved, this button is no longer available.

Click this button to clear saved amounts, carryovers, or non-carryovers entered in the Multi-state allocation spreadsheet. A drop-down list opens and provides the following options.

  • Select the Clear All option to delete all amounts in the State allocation spreadsheet.
  • Select the Clear all non-carryovers option to delete all current-year amounts in the State allocation spreadsheet. Carryover amounts will not be deleted.
  • Select the Clear all carryovers option to delete all carryover amounts in the State allocation spreadsheet. Current-year amounts will not be deleted.

Click this button to save and exit the Multi-state Allocation dialog.

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