Selecting and printing tax elections

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To print tax elections with the client's return, you first need to either enter data for the election or specify which election(s) you want to print (on the appropriate input screen). UltraTax CS does not print any tax elections by default.

  1. Choose File > Open Client and open the appropriate client's return.
  2. Click the Elections folder, then click the input screen tab in which you enter tax elections.
  3. Use the Election No. or Description fields to select the elections you want to print for the open client.

The election(s) you have selected will print with the client's return.


  • To quickly locate the desired election, click the Search button next to the description field to open the Find Selection From Library of Elections dialog, then enter the appropriate keywords in the search field. Double-click the desired election in the list of results to add it to the input screen description field.
  • You can also edit or create customized tax elections.

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