Activating UltraTax CS PRP licenses in Virtual Office CS

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State products are made available in the Virtual Office CS environment as they are released. You can enable any state product on a per-return-pricing (PRP) basis if your firm did not purchase an unlimited license for the state.

Complete the following steps to activate a state PRP license.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration.
  2. Click the Activate State Products tab.

    Note: The Activate State Products tab is available only when running UltraTax CS in the Virtual Office CS environment.

  3. Mark the checkboxes for the states you want to license on a PRP basis. Note that marking a checkbox activates a state for all entity types.

    Note: If you purchased an unlimited license for a state, marking the checkbox for that state does not affect that licensing. If you purchased an unlimited license for all entities for a specific state, the checkbox for that state is marked and grayed.

  4. Click OK.

The state products are now enabled for use in UltraTax CS on a PRP basis. If any users were working in the Virtual Office CS installation of UltraTax CS while you activated the state PRP licenses, they will need to close and re-open UltraTax CS to have access to those state products.

Note: If the checkbox for a particular state is disabled out and marked on the Activate State Products tab but the state is not available to add via the File > Client Properties dialog, another staff member in your firm may have activated that state during your Virtual Office CS session. To resolve this issue, close all Virtual Office CS applications and log out, then log back in and re-launch UltraTax CS. The state will now be available via the Client Properties dialog.

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