Configuring the order and visibility of folders and input screens

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You can use the Data Entry Display dialog to customize the sequence of folders in the folders blocks and the order of input screens in those folders. You also can specify whether a folder or input screen is always visible, or only visible if data has been entered.

Video overview

The following video outlines the features described in the steps below.

Steps to customize display

To customize the order of folders and input screens and/or specify the conditions in which a folder or input screen appears, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > [Entity], such as 1040 Individual. To customize the display for a particular state product, click the state tab at the top of the dialog.
  2. Click the Input Screens button, then choose Data Entry Display.
  3. To move folders or input screens, highlight the folder(s) or input screen(s) you want to move. (Note that you cannot highlight folders AND input screens at the same time.)
  4. Click the Move Up or Move Down buttons to position the items in the desired location.


    • The Move Up and Move Down buttons are disabled if you select the first input screen in a folder. The first input screen in a folder cannot be moved since it may contain mandatory fields that must be entered with data before other screens in the folder can be accessed.
    • Input screens that are closely related cannot be separated. For example, in the Business folder of the 1040 application, Screen C-2 is considered closely related to Screen C, so Screen C-2 cannot be separated from Screen C. Screen C cannot be moved because it is the first screen in the folder, so Screens C and C-2 will always remain the first two input screens in the Business folder. Similarly, the input screens containing credit information (CrBus, CrBus2, CrBus3, CrBus4, CrBus5) in the Business folder are considered closely related and cannot be separated, but all of them can be moved up or down as a group.
  5. To specify the display condition of specific folders or input screens, highlight the desired items in the list. (Note that you cannot highlight folders AND input screens at the same time.)
  6. Click the Always option to make the highlighted folder(s) or input screen(s) appear regardless of the presence of data, or click the If data on any input screen option (for folders) or the If data option (for input screens) to make the folder or input screen appear only when it contains data.
  7. To change the display conditions for all folders and input screens at once, you can do one of the following. 
    • Click the Mark all "If data" button to set all input screens to appear only when they contain data.
    • Click the Restore default button and choose either CS Default Display (to have all folders and input screens display at all times) or Prior-Year Display (to return to the settings specified in the prior-year version of UltraTax CS, if applicable). 


  • The first screen in a folder will always inherit the display condition of the folder.
  • Any folder or screen that is not visible due to its display condition can still be selected during data entry, as needed.

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