Customizing invoice prices for the open client

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UltraTax CS enables you to set per-form and/or per-item fees for each product. Once you set the desired invoice prices, these charges are used to calculate the invoices for all clients whose returns are processed with this product.

If you do not want to enter office-wide per-item charges, or if you want to override the charges for a particular client, use either of the following methods to customize the invoice amounts for the open client.

  • To change the per-form and per-item charges on a client-by-client basis, choose View > View/Customize Invoice to preview the invoice. Close the invoice to open the Custom Invoice Amounts dialog. The amounts you enter in this dialog apply to the open client only.
  • To charge a client a flat rate instead of per form, enter the rate you want to charge in the Invoice amount (Force) field on the client's Screen Letter, which you can access by clicking the General folder in the folders block and then clicking the Letter tab. UltraTax CS uses the flat rate rather than the per-form charges for that client.

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