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Use this dialog to add a new document, select the document that you want to edit or view, or delete a document. You can also use this dialog to enter or modify information for the headers and footers that you can choose to include on some client documents.

To open this dialog, choose Open from the Document menu in the Document Editing window, or click one of the document buttons in the Product Information dialog. For example, if you select Setup > 1040 Individual > Federal tab and then click the Letters & Emails button, this dialog opens and lists the available transmittal letters and email greetings.


  • The name of this dialog varies depending on the type of document you are adding or modifying. For example, if you click the Transmittal Letter button in the Setup > 1040 Individual dialog to open this dialog, the dialog is named "Transmittal Letters."
  • Depending on your security configuration, you might be prompted to enter the master password before you can open any Product Information dialog.
  • In Data Mining, you can also open this dialog when you click the Compose Client Letters button on the Data Mining Print Selection dialog.

Tabbed pages in this dialog

For information on a specific tab, click the appropriate link. Note that the tabs that appear in this dialog vary depending on how you accessed the dialog.

Fields & buttons

The items that are available in this list depend on which tab is selected. For details on the items listed for a specific tab, click the name of the tab below.

Click this button to open the New Document dialog in which you can enter a title and specify header, footer, and border options for a new client document.


  • You can add up to five new federal transmittal letters, five TL shells, five invoices, five new organizer questionnaires, five client organizer cover letters (if you are licensed for the 1040 Client Organizer), and 99 new Data Mining client letters.
  • This button is not available for filing instructions, slipsheets, and package inserts.

Click this button to open the highlighted document in the Document Editing window.

Click this button for any document type to open the Properties dialog in which you can rename the document and specify header, footer, and border options.

Note: Depending on the type of document that is currently selected, some fields and options in this dialog may not be available.

To delete the currently highlighted document, click this button. UltraTax CS prompts you to confirm that you want to delete the document.

Note: You cannot delete the documents (other than Tax Elections) that are automatically supplied with UltraTax CS.

Click this button to open the Options dialog in which you can set document-specific options.

Note: This button is available only for transmittal letters and invoices.

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