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Use this dialog to enter email addresses, specify delivery preferences, configure electronic delivery options for tax returns, web organizers (if licensed for UltraTax/1040 Client Organizer), and electronic filing acknowledgments, and to override the default NetClient CS portal destination for web organizers and tax returns delivered via the web.

Note: You can print the client contact information listed on this dialog by choosing Utilities > Client Listing Reports and marking the Client Communications option.

To open this dialog, choose Setup > Client Communications.

Fields & buttons

Use this field to enter the email address for your firm. You must enter an email address here to enable UltraTax CS to send electronic organizers to clients, or if the Address email from field on the ELF Options dialog or Web Delivery Options dialog specifies Firm as the sender.

Use this field to choose the location that contains the client data for which you want to specify communication information.

Click this button to open the Override NetClient CS Portal Destination dialog, which you can use to override the default portal destination when delivering the selected client's tax return or web organizer via a NetClient CS web portal.

This grid lists all clients in the selected data location that meet the criteria in the Focus group box. You can use the columns in this grid to specify the email address for each client, and to select delivery methods for tax returns, web client organizers, and electronic filing acknowledgments. Choosing delivery methods on this dialog will cause the Print Organizers and Print Returns dialogs to default to the method specified here when printing.

  • Use the Email Address column to enter or edit each client's email addresses. If a client's email address was entered in the Email addresses dialog of the prior-year UltraTax CS application and you proforma'd the client's data into the current-year version, that email address will appear here. For 1040 clients only, to enter the taxpayer and spouse email addresses, select Tp or Sp from the drop-down list in the Email Address column.
  • Use the Email To column to designate the addresses to which email communications (such as returns and organizers sent via email, confirmation emails for web delivery and web organizers, or electronic filing acknowledgments) are sent: the taxpayer's, the spouse's, or both. Note that this column is available only for 1040 clients.
  • Use the Email ELF Ack column to select the 1040 clients to whom you want to send an automated email notification when their electronically filed tax return or (if applicable) extension is accepted by the taxing agency. To enable the email notification, select Return or Return/Ext from this drop-down list before creating and transmitting the electronic file.
  • Use the Return Delivery and Organizer Delivery columns to specify the method of delivery - Paper, PDF via email, PDF file, or Web for tax returns, and Paper, PDF via email, PDF file, Web, or Web (print only) for 1040 client organizers. You can also choose None in the Organizer Delivery column to suppress the client's organizer. Note that the Organizer Delivery column and the Web option (if licensed) in the Return Delivery column are available only for 1040 clients. If the tax return or 1040 organizer are being sent to a new NetClient CS portal, these columns will display "Web: (New)." If the documents are being sent to an existing NetClient CS portal, the columns will include the login ID for that portal. 
  • The Password column displays the items that were chosen in the PDF Delivery Password Options dialog. If you want to use a custom password, enter it in this column. Custom passwords will appear in red, while generated passwords (i.e.: the client's TIN+ZIP) will appear in blue once the tax return or electronic client organizer is sent via email or to the NetClient CS portal. Note that spouse SSNs cannot be used for generating passwords.

This field displays the items that will make up the password as specified in the PDF Delivery Password Options dialog. To select or change those items, click the Password button. To use a custom password, enter it in the Password column in the grid above.

Click this button to open the PDF Delivery Password Options dialog, which you can use to specify the items that will make up the passwords for PDF returns and client organizers. Using the default options on the PDF Delivery Password Options dialog will enable UltraTax CS to explain the PDF delivery password to the client.

Note: The PDF Delivery Password Options dialog is used to specify passwords for tax returns and organizers delivered in PDF format only. Passwords for tax returns and organizers delivered via client portals are specified from within NetClient CS.

Click this button to open the ELF Options dialog, which you can use to specify the "on behalf of" email address for email notifications send to clients upon acceptance of electronically-filed returns, and to add the firm, preparer, or staff email address as blind carbon copy (BCC) recipients for email notifications. You can also use the ELF Options dialog to automatically enable email notifications of electronically-filed returns for all clients with email addresses entered in UltraTax CS.

Due to the variety of spam-blocking mechanisms in many email clients, automated messages may be prevented from reaching their intended recipients. If the recipient does not receive an email notification, have the recipient search their spam or junk folder, if available.

Click this button to open the Web Delivery Options dialog, which you can use to select to receive email notification of completed organizers, to choose the sender's address (firm, preparer, reviewer, or staff) for web organizers and web delivery confirmations, and to specify your firm's website URL for use in accessing organizers and electronic returns. You can also choose to add the firm, preparer, or staff addresses as blind carbon copy (BCC) recipients for web organizer or return delivery email notifications or as carbon copy (CC) recipients for completed web organizer notifications.

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