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Use this tab to customize CS Connect Background Services options for your firm, including when application updates will be applied, whether or not you want electronic filing acknowledgments downloaded automatically, and which computers you want to run background services.


  • Most options you set for CS Connect Background Services affect UltraTax CS, FileCabinet CS, and Fixed Assets CS. Note that the Apply updates as each user's processing permits (recommended) option applies to UltraTax CS and Fixed Assets CS only.
  • The checkboxes and options on this tab are grayed out if the Enable CS Connect Background Services checkbox is not marked.

To open this tab, choose Setup > System Configuration, then click the CS Connect tab.

Note: Depending on your security configuration, you might be prompted to enter the master password before you can open the System Configuration dialog.

Fields & buttons

Mark this checkbox to enable CS Connect Background Services. When this checkbox is marked, updates and acknowledgements can be automatically downloaded via CS Connect.

Note: When CS Connect Background Services is enabled, it will automatically check the Electronic Filing Status dialog for any clients with a status of "Return transmitted to CS" that is greater than 48 hours old and request the automatic rehang of those clients' acknowledgements.

Any computer on this network: Click this option to enable all computers on a network to download and apply updates. This is the preferred option for most firms.

Only this computer: Click this option to designate a single computer to be responsible for downloading and applying updates. Click this option from the computer you want to designate. If this option is selected, updates will be downloaded via CS Connect only while this computer is turned on.

Only [username]'s computer: You will see this option only after another computer on your network has marked the Only this computer option above.

Apply updates as each user's processing permits (recommended): Click this option when you want CS Connect to immediately apply pending application updates for any product that is not currently open on the individual user's computer.

Apply updates every day at [time]: Click this option and specify when you want CS Connect to apply pending application updates.

Note: For updates to be applied automatically at a specified time, all users must close UltraTax CS and at least one authorized user must remain logged in to the network. If a user fails to exit UltraTax CS, updates will still apply for all users who have exited, and the user who did not exit the application will acquire the updates automatically after closing and reopening the application.

Mark this checkbox to enable CS Connect to download electronic filing acknowledgements automatically. Marking this checkbox will also have UltraTax CS re-post and re-download the available acknowledgments for transmitted electronic files (which display "Transmitted" on the Utilities > Electronic Filing Status dialog). The application will do so every 48 hours until the status is updated with the acknowledgement.

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