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Use this dialog to establish a password in order to control which preparers may view client Social Security Numbers (SSNs). When this feature is enabled on the Setup > Security > Security tab, all preparers, reviewers, or staff members will be prompted to enter the established password when opening UltraTax CS. When the password is not entered upon opening, UltraTax CS will open in a restricted mode and will mask all SSNs to comply with IRS regulations related to disclosing tax information to preparers located outside of the United States.

Enabling this feature to mask Social Security numbers will automatically disable all data sharing functionality for clients whose SSNs are hidden. Entering the password will reveal the client's SSN, but will not enable data sharing.

This dialog opens automatically when you mark the Require a password to display SSNs checkbox on the Setup > Security > Security tab.

Fields & buttons

Use this field to enter the new password you want to use for masking SSNs. When opening UltraTax CS, the Enter Password dialog will open automatically, prompting preparers and staff members to enter the password you specify before revealing Social Security numbers.

Use this field to verify the password you entered in the New password field.

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