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Use this tab to enable access to online research tools that are available for purchase from Thomson Reuters. Mark the checkboxes to enable links to directly access these online research tools from within UltraTax CS.

Note: To use these online research tools, you must subscribe. To subscribe, visit, or call 800.431.9025.

To open this tab, choose Setup > User Preferences and click the Research tab.

Fields & buttons

This checkbox enables direct access to Checkpoint when you choose Checkpoint from the Tasks section of the UltraTax CS Home Page or from Help > On the Web.

Mark this checkbox to enable direct access to RIA Line Finder; in Form View, choose Web Research > RIA Form/Line Finder from the View menu or from the context menu.

This checkbox enables the PPC button at the top of the input screens that links directly with the PPC Deskbooks content related to the input screen section you select from the drop-down list next to the button.

This option allows direct login access to QuickFinder on ProView by choosing Quickfinder on ProView from the Tasks section of the UltraTax CS Home page or by choosing Help > On the Web. 

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