Updating interest rates and entering product-specific information

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UltraTax CS automatically updates interest rates via CS Connect when you download and apply application updates. You can manually override the values retrieved by UltraTax CS by completing the following steps, but this is not necessary to maintain the correct rates.

  1. From the Setup menu, choose the appropriate entity type. For example, choose 1040 Individual to enter setup information for a 1040 application.

    Note: Depending on your security configuration, you might be required to enter the master password and click OK before you can proceed.

  2. Click the appropriate federal or state tab. (State tabs only appear if you have installed state products for this entity type.)
  3. Interest rates display in the Interest rates group box at the top of each tab. To change the interest rates for any of the quarters that are listed, click the appropriate checkbox and enter the new interest rate as a whole number. For example, enter 11 for 11%.

    Note: Changing the rates in any federal tab changes the rates for all federal products.

  4. The rest of the options available in the Additional information group box differ by product. For more information, see Setting options for new and existing clients.

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