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You may find it helpful to attach a note to a particular field in an input screen or form. For example, you may want to ask the reviewer a question about a calculation. The location of the cursor at the time the field note is entered is the note's anchor point. An attached field note is indicated by a musical note symbol next to the field. You can display the note symbols in different colors: for example, field notes in red could indicate questions to the reviewer, and field notes in green could indicate follow up items for you.

  1. With the cursor located in the desired input screen or form field, click the Field Note Field Note button button or select Edit > Field Note > Add/Edit Field Note to open the Field Note/Tick dialog. You may also access the Field Note by right-clicking the desired field. 
  2. Verify that the Note option is selected.
  3. Specify the color of the field note using the fields provided.
  4. The Title field defaults to the input screen or form name, but you can enter a different title if desired.
  5. Enter the text for the field note. Note that you can change the typeface, size, and attributes of the text.
  6. Click OK.


  • Field notes and field note symbols will not print on the return.
  • To view an attached field note, click the musical note Field note indicator symbol next to the field, or expand the Field note list drop-down list to the right of the Field Note icon on the toolbar and select the note you want to view.
  • To delete an attached field note, click the musical note symbol then click the Delete Note button.
  • A custom fieldview is attached to the Title field, so you can create a list of standard titles to be used with all UltraTax CS clients, if desired.

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