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You can use the impromptu to do feature to add to do notes on the fly, while processing a client's tax return. These to do items are anchored to a specific field on an UltraTax CS input screen, and will appear in the To Do tab in the Diagnostic window. To add an impromptu to do note, follow these steps.

  1. You must be in input screen view to use impromptu to do notes. Press CTRL+I and navigate to the desired input screen to place the to do note.
  2. With the cursor located in the desired input screen field, choose Edit > Impromptu To Do to open the Impromptu To Do dialog.
  3. In the text field in this dialog, enter the information for the new to do item.
  4. After entering the desired text, click OK to attach the to do item.

A button with a blue push pin symbol Impromptu to do button will appear next to the field. Click this button to open the to do item for editing.

Note: To remove an impromptu to do item, follow the steps above to navigate to the appropriate field, then click the impromptu to do button and click the Delete To Do button in the Impromptu To Do dialog.

Tip: All impromptu to do items will appear on the To Do tab of the diagnostic window. To mark to do items as completed, press CTRL+D to open the Diagnostics window, click the To Do tab, then right-click the desired to do item(s) and select Acknowledge To Do from the context menu. The pushpin icon (and the impromptu to do button alongside the input screen field) will turn from blue to gray and the item will move to the Acknowledged Items section of the Diagnostic window's To Do tab.

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