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You may find it helpful to enter tickmarks (or other symbols) next to items on the return as you review them to indicate, for example, that you have reviewed them and they are satisfactory. You might also want to use tickmarks to indicate items that need further attention. You can use different colored tickmarks for different purposes, and can create your own custom tickmarks on the Setup > User Preferences > Tickmarks tab. Tickmarks will not print on the return.

  1. With the cursor located in the desired form field or input screen, click the Tickmark Tickmark button button, choose Edit > Tickmark > Add/Edit Tickmark to open the Field Note/Tick dialog, or double-click in the field. To add a tickmark to specific line items in statement dialogs, click in the Tickmark column next to the item you want to mark, or double click the line in the statement.
  2. Be sure the Tick option is selected.
  3. Use the drop-down list to select the tickmark you want to display.
  4. The Title field defaults to the input screen or form name, but you can enter a different title if you want.
  5. Click OK.

By default, a check mark symbol displays next to the field, but you can select a different symbol to display.


  • To quickly attach a green tickmark, simply double-click the form field, input screen, or statement row. To change that tickmark from green to red, double-click the field again. There are many variations of tickmarks and field notes. Choose the Setup > User Preferences > Tickmarks tab to change the tickmark cycle.
  • To delete a tickmark, click on the check mark symbol next to the field then click the Delete button.
  • The custom fieldview attached to the Title field enables you to create a list of standard titles to be used with all UltraTax CS clients, if desired.
  • The default title for each tickmark is comprised of the name of the input screen or form, the name of the field, and the identifying text entered in the statement dialog.
  • You can add tickmarks to statements in input screens and in form view. 
  • You cannot add a tickmark or note to a statement dialog if the associated input screen field already has one attached. You must delete the tickmark or field note from the input screen field before you can attach a tickmark or note within the statement dialog.

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