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Some of the commands most commonly used when you enter data in input screens, such as Open Client or Print, are assigned keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly execute the command.

Note: For more information, see UltraTax CS function keys.

Keys Result on Input Screen
CTRL+1 Prints the current page of input screen or form.
CTRL+A Adds a new unit of the current input screen (if a multiple-unit input screen).
CTRL+B Opens the Apportionment dialog (for 1120 or 1065 clients) or the Allocation dialog (for 1040 clients). The client data must have multiple states attached to access the Apportionment or Allocation dialogs.
CTRL+C Copies the highlighted text to the clipboard.
CTRL+D Opens the Diagnostics window which contains messages warning you of any incorrect data and/or additional information that is needed on the return.
CTRL+E When the cursor is in a field with a statement attached, opens the statement dialog in which you can enter detailed information.
CTRL+F In input screens, changes to form view.
CTRL+G Opens the Print Organizers dialog.
CTRL+H Accesses the Tax Subject Index.
CTRL+I In forms, changes to input screen view.
CTRL+J Opens the Home Page.
CTRL+K Opens the CS Connect dialog.
CTRL+N Opens the dialog in which you can add a client.
CTRL+O Opens the dialog that lists existing clients.
CTRL+P Opens the dialog in which you can select returns to print for the open client.
CTRL+Q Opens the QuickView Tax Summary, in which you can see a summary of key amounts on the return.
  • 1040 clients: From the tax input screens, opens the organizer input screens if you purchased a license for UltraTax/1040 Client Organizer.
  • 1120S clients: Opens the Shareholder Data Entry window in which you can enter shareholder information.
  • 1065 clients: Opens the Partner Data Entry window in which you can enter partner information.
CTRL+S Saves client data.
CTRL+V Pastes contents of the clipboard into the current field.
CTRL+X Cuts highlighted text and copies it to the clipboard.
CTRL+Y Opens our Help & How-To Center, which contains the primary documentation for CS Professional Suite applications.
CTRL+Z Allows you to undo the previous action taken while editing a document. In addition, it allows you to undo previous actions taken on an open input screen.
CTRL+ asterisk on numeric keypad Switches back and forth between input screen and form view.

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