Reviewing returns

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UltraTax CS review tools and features help you ensure that the returns you prepare are accurate as you enter data for your clients and as you review returns before they are filed.

Note: To assign certain staff members as Reviewers in UltraTax CS, choose Setup > Office Configuration and click the Reviewers tab.

Ensuring accuracy as you prepare returns

  • The Tax Subject Index provides information about where to enter specific information in input screens and forms.
  • Tick marks enable you to visually identify information at various stages of the completion process.
  • Field notes enable you to leave notes that provide details about the information entered (or not entered) in a particular field.
  • Client notes enable you to leave notes that pertain to a specific client. If you are licensed for Fixed Assets CS, FileCabinet CS, and Practice CS, you can view the client note created in UltraTax CS and create new notes for the client from within these applications.
  • You can attach text to a form if you want to add a note about what influenced your decisions or calculations.
  • If you entered information in a field in the prior-year, but did not enter information for that field in the current-year, UltraTax CS marks these fields with blue chevrons to alert you of data that may be missing.
  • Watch fields enable you to monitor important values on a client's tax forms. You can view these values in the Watch tab of the federal Diagnostics window. You can freeze the Watch tab in the federal Diagnostics window to make changes to watched fields easier to track.
  • If you enabled notifications for overruled data, UltraTax CS displays red chevrons on input screen fields where you have entered your own amount and overwritten the transferred value. (You can right-click those fields and either acknowledge the overruled amount or delete the overrule and revert to the original transferred value that UltraTax CS entered.)

Reviewing completed returns

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