Reviewing key amounts

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UltraTax CS provides a quick way to see the status of key amounts at any time from any data-entry display. This feature is called the Return Summary and there are several methods for accessing it.

  • Click the drop-down button next to the Form Form View button button on the toolbar, and choose Return Summary.
  • Choose View > Return Summary.
  • Press CTRL+Q.

When you use any of these methods, the Return Summary appears, displaying summary information for key amounts on the return. Review the key amounts and confirm that the return meets your expectations.

After viewing key amounts, choose View > Input Screen or by press CTRL+I to return to the input screens.


  • To view diagnostic messages, click the Diagnostics Diagnostics button button or select View > Diagnostics. This command opens the federal Diagnostic window, which displays messages that you can click to go directly to the input screen field that pertains to the message.
  • You can also add important fields to the Watch tab (on the federal Diagnostics window) to help track key amounts.

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