Assigning a group of clients to a preparer or staff member

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You can assign groups of clients to a single preparer, reviewer, or staff member using the Reassign Clients dialog. You can also assign individual clients to preparers or staff by using the Preparer, Reviewer, or Staff fields in the File > New Client or File > Client Properties dialogs.


  1. Choose Utilities > Reassign Clients to open the Reassign Clients dialog.
  2. If necessary, choose a preparer, reviewer, or staff member from the Preparer/reviewer/staff drop-down list to restrict the list of clients in the left pane to those clients currently assigned to a certain employee.
  3. In the Clients available to reassign pane on the left, click the client(s) you want to assign to a specific employee. (To select multiple clients, hold SHIFT or CTRL and click the desired client IDs in the list.)
  4. Click the Select button to move the highlighted client(s) to the Clients selected to assign pane on the right.
  5. Select Preparer, Reviewer, or Staff from the Category field to determine whether the selected clients will be assigned to a preparer, reviewer, or staff member. The name of the field below the Category field will change depending on what you select from the Category list.
  6. Choose the preparer, reviewer, or staff member to whom you want to assign the selected clients from the Preparer, Reviewer, or Staff drop-down list. (Note that the name of this field changes depending on whether you specify Preparer, Reviewer, or Staff in the Category field.) To remove an assignment from the selected clients, choose (Remove Preparer), (Remove Reviewer), or (Remove Staff) from the drop-down list.
  7. Click the Reassign button to assign the selected clients to the specified preparer, reviewer, or staff member.


  • Click the words "Client ID," "Name," or "Entity" in the title bar of either list pane to sort the list by that characteristic.
  • Use the Focus group box at the bottom of this dialog to limit the clients who appear in the client listing by entity type and/or preparer/reviewer/staff.
  • You can also use the Client Properties dialog to assign a preparer, reviewer, or staff member to a single client at a time.
  • To assign clients to a PRP preparer block, choose Utilities > Reassign Clients, select the desired clients, choose PRP Preparer Block from the Category drop-down list, and select the desired preparer block from the Preparer Block drop-down list.

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