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There are several menus and toolbars included in UltraTax CS. The specific menu and toolbar that appear at the top of the screen depend on the tasks you are performing. The topics below describe the various menus and toolbars found throughout the UltraTax CS applications.

Main menu and toolbar

The UltraTax CS menu and toolbar appear when the input screens or forms are open. Because most of the work you do in UltraTax CS involves entering data in input screens or viewing the results on forms, you will most often be using this menu and toolbar.

Note: If you set UltraTax CS to display forms on a different monitor than input screens, the form view toolbar only includes buttons that apply to form view.

Additional menus and toolbars

Federal application menus and toolbars

The following menus and toolbars appear in specific UltraTax CS federal applications.

1120 menus and toolbars

1065 menus and toolbars

1041 menus and toolbars

990 menus and toolbars

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