Proforma client data from the previous year

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If you used UltraTax CS last year, you can proforma (roll over) client data into this year's application. You can also proforma client data that was converted from another tax application.

Video overview

The following video outlines the features described in the steps below.

Steps to proforma data

  1. Select Utilities, then Proforma.
  2. Make sure the To data location field has the correct location.
  3. Make sure Clients is selected at the top of the window.
  4. Use the Focus section to filter the list of clients.
  5. Select the clients you want to proforma.
  6. Verify that the drive and path of last year's data are correct. If not, you need to specify the correct location.
  7. Click Proforma.
  8. A Proforma status window will open to show the progress.
  9. Click Done.

To see more details about any of the options on the Proforma window, see Proforma dialog.


If a client is missing from the list or did not proforma, see Clients do not proforma.

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