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You can determine the approval status of federal and state tax forms in the Product Information section of the UltraTax CS Home Page house. Select the tab for the entity you want to view and click the plus (+) sign next to the federal or state to see the Form status. Show me.

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  • The federal and state taxing agencies don't issue timeframes to software developers for the approval of finalized forms.
  • Forms approval is generally a separate process from receiving approval to e-file returns with federal and state agencies, due to factors such as scanning or 2D barcodes.
  • Forms that are approved or that don't require approval aren't listed. Once all forms are approved, you'll see "All forms may be filed". 

The following table describes each status.

Status Description Safe to e-file? Safe to paper file?
Proforma only We released this only so you can proforma client data. Most of these forms are from last year or are preliminary versions, so calculations will most likely change and certain areas of UltraTax CS may not work as expected. To avoid losing any work, we recommend you don't use this version to prepare returns or customize filing instructions. No No
Nonsubmittable prior year The tax authority hasn't sent us current-year revisions and necessary guidance (such as publications or regulations), so calculations could change. We recommend you don't file returns that contain forms labeled with this designation. No No
Nonsubmittable draft / Nonsubmittable (transcription required) The tax authority sent us current-year revisions, but not all necessary guidance (such as publications or regulations), so calculations could change. We recommend you don't file returns that contain forms labeled with this designation unless this is a form you must file separately from the return, or this is a form that the preparer retains for their own records (rather than including it in the return). No No (some exceptions)
Pending approval

We submitted the printed copies of the form to the tax authority for review, but we haven't received approval yet. The content and calculations in the form can be reasonably relied upon for draft purposes only.

Thomson Reuters accounts for forms/schedules that don't have instructions. Forms are typically out before instructions. 

For example, if a line says "See instructions" the instructions may be necessary for proper calculation. 

Yes (unless stated otherwise in the user bulletins or diagnostics) No
Pending approval (no changes expected) We submitted the printed copies of the form to the tax authority to review and we don't anticipate any further changes are required. If the only unapproved forms in a return are listed with this status, we believe the return is acceptable to file. Yes (if the main return is approved for e-filing on Home Page) Yes

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