Correcting Form 1095-C internet file rejections

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If you receive a rejection after filing Form 1095-C, contact the IRS AIR help line at 866.937.4130 and ask them for more information about the rejection. After receiving specific details about the rejection, contact our Support team at 800.968.0600 for further assistance.

Error code AIRMF3005

Use the following steps to resolve an error code AIRMF3005 - Error occurred in Form Status for Form Type.

  1. Call the IRS AIR help line at 866.937.4130
  2. Ask them to verify receipt of your test submission file, and to change your TCC code to "production".
  3. Wait 48 hours for the system to update and then re-submit your file.

Error code AIRSH100

Use the following steps to resolve an error code AIRSH100 - XML Schema Validation Failed - not well formed or missing required elements.

  1. Choose Setup > Employees and click the Personal tab.
  2. Click the 1095-C Part III: Self-Insured... button.
  3. Delete any blank lines that exist by clicking the box left of the year field, and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  4. Re-create and re-submit the file.

Error code TPE1204

Use the following steps to resolve an error code TPE1204 - Potential SQL injection in attachment.

  1. Choose Setup > Clients and click the Main tab.
  2. Remove any special characters and extra spaces in the Client name field.
  3. (Optional) If the client is part of an aggregate group, repeat these steps for each client in the group.
  4. Re-create and re-submit the file.

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Internal notes

Files that are returned with a status of "Accepted" or "Accepted with errors" and need to be re-submitted need to have a file type of "Corrected". Accounting CS does not have this capability for the 2016 filing year.

Error code TPE 1106: Remove special characters from the BusinessNameLine1Txt field. Development is working on a better resolution (TFS 929760).

Error code TPE 1204: See TFS 929065

Error code AIRMF3014: Re-create the file using the correct replacement file type (see the related topic link in the external content above).

There are two checks on files that are submitted. TPE errors are returned when the initial security check on the portal detects something wrong. Errors that begin with AIR are returned from the secondary check.

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