Enter Transactions: Check Summary Memo example

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You can create Check Summary Memo type transactions for your clients in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen. The application uses check summary memos to group printed and handwritten checks and payments for a bank account, journal, and posting period into one credit distribution.

Transaction-based reports, such as the General Ledger report, display the check summary memo as one cash entry distribution instead of listing the individual distributions for each check and payment.

Note: The Enter Transactions screen must be in Journal mode (as set up in the Enter Transactions Options dialog) in order to create check summary memos.

This serves as the equivalent of creating a Balance Entry, using Ctrl+B (or Alt+B), in Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA).


If you have the following checks and payments:

Individual checks and payments

The General Ledger report displays the credit distributions of the checks and payments individually.

Preview individual checks and payments

If you create a Check summary memo type transaction for the selected bank account, journal, and posting period, the application automatically calculates the transaction amount by summing the amounts for those checks and payments.

Check summary memo

And the General Ledger report lists a single credit distribution with the summary amount.

Preview check summary memo

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