Sharing W-2 data with UltraTax

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Accounting CS allows you to easily share W-2 information with UltraTax.  This topic will explain how the process works.

The initial setup and process of sharing W-2 data varies based on whether your firm is licensed for both products under the same Firm ID. How can I tell?

To check the firm ID that is associated with your licenses, in both programs, go to Help > About and the associated Firm ID will be listed at the top of the About dialog.

Note: W-2 datasharing only works for employees with valid social security numbers. W-2 data for employees with no social security number or with "Applied For" will not be available for import into UltraTax CS.

Licenses with the same Firm ID

Most firms will have all of their licenses associated with the same Firm ID.  If this is  the case for your firm, follow the steps below to set up Accounting CS and UltraTax for data sharing.

  • Ensure you are on the latest version of Accounting CS and UltraTax.
  • Ensure data locations are set up properly in both programs.  
    • In Accounting CS, go to Setup > File Locations. Verify your data locations for both Accounting CS and UltraTax CS in the CS Professional Suite tab. Click OK to save any changes.
    • In UltraTax CS, go to Setup > User Preferences > File Locations tab. Verify your data locations for both Accounting CS (under CS Accounting Products) and UltraTax CS (under the current year UltraTax). Click OK to save any changes.
  • Ensure the SSN of the employee in Accounting CS matches the SSN of the 1040 client in UltraTax CS.
  • Ensure the EIN for the client matches between Accounting CS and UltraTax CS on the W2 tab in the Income Folder.
  • Verify that the client in UltraTax is not denied data sharing (Client Properties > Advanced Properties).
  • Verify that datasharing is allowed in UltraTax (Setup > Office Configuration > Data Sharing tab / UltraTax 2012 and prior: Setup > System Configuration > Data Sharing tab).
  • Verify that datasharing is not disabled in Accounting CS (Setup > Firm Information > Firm > Preferences tab).

Note: If the datasharing was setup in Accounting CS after the W2 employee copy was printed you will need to re-print the W2s to datashare into UltraTax

Licenses with different Firm IDs

When running Accounting CS and UltraTax CS with licenses associated with different Firm IDs, data sharing is handled over CS Connect.  For this reason, additional steps have to be taken for data sharing to work.

Internal notes

  • Support: Keep in mind that our datascrubber will replace SSNs with data that is considered invalid, which will prevent W-2 datasharing from working properly.  For testing purposes, enter fake SSNs for employees that match in Accounting CS and UltraTax CS.
  • When you are testing, keep in mind if you name the Accounting CS database anything other than Firm, datasharing will not be enabled.
  • The Licenses with different Firm ID's process, at the bottom of article, is used occasionally between firms.  Be sure and verify that they are indeed using two different firm IDs in Accounting CS and UltraTax CS.  This feature is frequently used by myPay to send w-2 information to their Referring Accountants.
  • Accounting CS requires a FIRM database for integration and data sharing to work with UltraTax CS. The format of the Accounting CS database name must be ACS_<FirmID>_Firm. (For example, ACS_0_Firm, ACS_999_Firm, ACS_798046_Firm_.) Also, integration and data sharing does not work if there are multiple FIRM databases.

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