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The Export Transactions screen enables you to export various types of transactions from Accounting CS to other applications, including Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA) and QuickBooks (QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise editions that are currently supported by Intuit). In this screen you can select the transaction types, specify transaction and client-specific options, and create a file that is compatible with the application to which it is being exported.

Note: To enable exports for CS Professional Suite Accounting applications or for QuickBooks Pro, you must first select the appropriate export source in the Integration tab of the Setup > Clients screen.

Choose File > Export > Transactions.

Fields & buttons

Mark the checkbox for each type of transaction that you want to export. The application displays the export file location, but you cannot modify it in this dialog. To modify the file location, choose Setup > File Locations dialog, click the Export Data tab, and enter the appropriate path.

Click the Options button to open the Export Options dialog, where you can verify file location information and specify date ranges and file creation preferences for export files.

The Client Selection grid includes all active clients for whom you can export transactions and displays the client ID and name, the primary processor associated with the client, and the client's business email address. You can limit the number of clients listed in the grid by searching and filtering the data.

Click the Client Options button to open the Client Options dialog, where you can verify the application you are exporting to, select the details to include in the file, and update the references for each type of entry for that specific client.

Click the Export button to create the .xml files for the selected clients. The application creates the files in the export file location listed in the Payroll journal entries field and the Reconciliation adjustments field.

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