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The Chart of Accounts mask is the key to defining all accounts for the client. The mask must be set up before you can add accounts to the Chart of Accounts or enter transactions in the application.

Choose Setup > Clients and click the Account Mask tab.

Note: If you access Accounting CS via Virtual Client Office, you can view the information on this tabbed page, but you cannot modify it.

Fields & buttons

The Chart of Accounts Mask grid may contain up to 20 segments for the mask. The checkbox in the Core column is marked for any segment that is part of the core mask. The application uses the core account to accumulate and report on consolidated totals.

The Primary segment is used for reporting purposes.

If this checkbox is marked, the application will display leading zeros in account segment codes when the account number has more than one segment. This does not affect how the actual account numbers are created or displayed - only how the code is displayed.

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