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Using report profiles, you can create an unlimited number of report clusters that include either firm information or client information. Report profiles work much like templates by enabling you to pre-define and save a particular set of reports with a specific collation sequence and with an exact set of print options. Then, whenever you select reports for printing or other output, you can select an existing profile as if it were a single report.

Adding a client-level report profile

  1. Choose Setup > Report Profiles.
  2. Select the client from the drop-down list in the upper-right corner of the Report Profiles screen.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Select <None> (default setting) in the Firm profile field.
  5. Enter the name of the client-level profile in the Description field.
  6. Click the Ellipsis button button next to the Selections field.
  7. In the Report Selections dialog, select the reports to include in the report profile and then click OK to return to the Report Profiles screen. Note that you can select the same report multiple times within a single report profile and specify different option settings for each instance.
  8. Select a report in the Report Options section and then choose the desired settings for that report. Repeat this step for each report.
  9. Click Enter to save the new profile.


  • When you print a report profile, the reports appear in the order listed in the Report Selections dialog. To change the order, click and drag a report to the desired location in the Selected Reports list.
  • If necessary, you can click the Delete button to remove a client-specific profile.
  • You can click the Preview button at the bottom of the Report Profiles screen to view all the reports in the profile.

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