Printing reports

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  1. Choose File > Print Reports.
  2. In the Print Reports screen, double-click any reports to add them to the Selected Reports list and specify the desired print options for each report.
  3. Click the Print Selected button to open the Print dialog.
  4. If you want page numbers to continue across all of the reports and profiles that you're printing, mark the Continue page numbering across reports/profiles checkbox and select a starting page number. Otherwise, page numbering will restart at 1 for each report.
  5. Mark the checkbox for each output you want to use for this report.
    • Printer. Select the appropriate printer and then specify the number of copies to print, the page range, and whether to print duplex or single-sided pages.
    • File. Select the file type and specify the location in which to save the reports. For Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) files, you can password protect the documents, if desired.

      When you mark the Open file when complete checkbox, the application automatically opens the documents in the default application based on the selected file type.

  6. Click OK to print the reports to the selected outputs.


  • To change the order in which the reports are printed, click and drag a report to move it to the desired location in the list.
  • To preview the selected reports prior to printing, click the Preview Selected button.

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