Digita FileCabinet Driver Documents / Driver Document Names tab

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Use this dialog to confirm the documents and document names to be sent to Digita FileCabinet from other applications.

This dialog opens automatically when documents are sent to Digita FileCabinet from the Print dialog in another application, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. This dialog also opens when you print documents to Digita FileCabinet from within Digita FileCabinet by clicking the Digita FileCabinet option in the Print dialog, or when you print a static copy of an embedded object by choosing File > Print Static Copy.

Fields & buttons

Mark this checkbox to print the document to the selected printer.

Click this button to open the Select Printer dialog, where you can choose which printer to print to.

Mark this checkbox to store the document in Digita FileCabinet in the location that appears in the Digita FileCabinet field. If your firm uses multiple Digita FileCabinet data locations, you can choose another location from the adjacent drop-down list.

Mark this checkbox to open the document in Digita FileCabinet after printing.

Choose the ID or name of the drawer in which you want to store the document.

You can also add a drawer by entering a Drawer ID in this field and pressing ENTER or by clicking the Add Drawer button Add drawer button to open the Add Drawer to Digita FileCabinet dialog.

Add drawer button

Click this button to open the Add Drawer to Digita FileCabinet dialog, where you can enter the new drawer ID and drawer name.

In this field, you can change the name of the document to be stored. For example, if you do not wish to overwrite an existing document in Digita FileCabinet, you can use this field to rename the new document.

Note: You can choose Select document name from current drawer from this field to open the Select Name dialog, from which you can choose an existing name for the document you are sending.

Undo button

Click this button to revert to the name originally assigned to the document. This button is enabled only when you have entered a name other than the default document name.

Add to list button

Click this button to save the current document, image, or object name to a custom list. See Adding and maintaining document, image, and object names in a custom list for more information.

Mark the checkbox for each folder that should contain a copy of the document.


  • Folders used in the current drawer appear at the top of the folder list, followed by a separator line, and then followed by the list of remaining folders (those not in the current drawer).
  • Monthly recurring folders (MM/YYYY) are organized as subfolders grouped by year.

    Monthly recurring folders

  • Subfolders appear beneath their designated parent folder.

    User-created subfolders

Enter a description of the document in the text area, or enter the keywords you would use to find this document when performing a search in Digita FileCabinet.

Automatic document storage countdown area

This area appears at the bottom of the Driver Document Names tab when the Automatically accept printed documents after countdown checkbox is marked in the Setup > User Preferences > Misc tab. When this option is marked, documents are automatically sent to Digita FileCabinet after ten seconds, unless you stop the countdown by clicking the Stop button, or by clicking anywhere else in the dialog.

Note: If Digita FileCabinet finds duplicate document names when automatically storing documents, documents are not overwritten. Digita FileCabinet assigns a unique name to documents that are automatically sent.