Automatically transmitting documents to Digita NetClient

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If your firm is licensed for Digita NetFirm, you can select drawers for which Digita Connect Background Services will transmit documents automatically to Digita NetClient. When this feature is enabled, Digita NetClient checks for drawers with a Changed or Forced status every ten minutes, and transmits any updated documents to Digita NetClient.

To enable automatic transmittal of documents to Digita NetClient, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration > Digita Connect + Misc tab.
  2. Mark the Enable background services checkbox.
  3. Mark the Enable automatic transmission to Digita NetClient checkbox in the Digita Connect Background Services options group box.


  • You can manually transmit drawers with a status of Changed or Forced prior to the automatic ten-minute check, or disable the automatic ten-minute check by clearing the Enable automatic transmission to Digita NetClient Portals checkbox.
  • If the Enable Automatic transmission to Digita NetClient Portals checkbox is marked, Digita FileCabinet ignores any advanced security privilege settings related to Digita Connect or Digita NetClient.

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