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To add, edit, copy, or delete a custom report, choose Setup > Custom Reports. Use the Custom Report Layout dialog to define or modify the report name, the categories and columns to be included in the report, the column order, and the font size.

To access the Custom Report Layout dialog, perform one of the following steps.

  • The Custom Report Layout dialog opens automatically when you add a new report.
  • Highlight an existing report in the Custom Report dialog and then click the Layout button.

Special buttons on this dialog take you to additional dialogs where you can define column properties (width and subtotaling), add a new column based on user-defined calculations, or add a new column to include amounts from a specific treatment.

The Report Preview pane at the bottom of this dialog immediately reflects any changes you make to a report (adding or subtracting columns, increasing or decreasing the width of a column, or increasing or decreasing the font size).

Tip: You may edit the width of any non-numeric column in a custom report. Highlight the column name in the Custom Report Layout dialog and then click the Properties button.

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