Adding links to a Firm News Feed custom portlet

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Practice CS enables you to create links to files, email addresses, or web pages in an item shown in a Firm News Feed custom portlet. You can create links for the news item’s description, for text within the news item, or to an attachment included with the news item.

The type of link you add is determined using the Select Address or Select Hyperlink dialog. This dialog can be accessed only from the Custom Portlets setup screen while adding or editing a custom portlet of the Firm News Feed type. There are three ways to open this dialog:

Follow these steps to add the link.

  1. In the Select Address or Select Hyperlink dialog, click the option for the type of link that you want to add: Location, Email, or URL.
    • For a link to a file, click the Location option. If the file is to be available to other staff members, it must reside in a network location accessible to those staff members. Click the More More button button and navigate to the file, then click Open to set the link.
    • For a link to an email address, click the Email option. When clicked, an email link will open a new message in the default email application with the linked email address entered into the To field. Enter the email address for the link in the field provided.
    • For a link to an external or internal web page, click the URL option. Enter the URL for the page into the address bar and click the Go Go button button to preview the web page.
  2. Click OK to close the selection dialog and return to the Custom Portlets setup screen.

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