Editing multiple projects

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Use the Edit Selected Projects dialog to update information for multiple projects at one time.

  1. Choose Actions > Manage Projects.
  2. Select two or more projects in the list, right-click, and choose Edit Selected Projects.
  3. In the Edit Selected Projects dialog, click the option for the task you want to perform.
  4. Click the appropriate link below for the remaining steps.
    • Change Project information — Change staff assignments, dates, generation options, solutions, tracking, recurrence, and various other items.
      1. In the Edit Selected Projects dialog, select the field to update (for example, Assigned Staff) from the first drop-down list.
      2. From the second drop-down list, select the new information for the field that you selected.

        If you need to update additional fields, click the Add field button button to add the next available field to the dialog. Click the Remove field button to remove the field from the dialog.

      3. Click Finish to make your specified changes to all of the projects that you selected on the Manage Projects screen.
    • Add Extension — Add extensions to the selected projects.
      1. Enter an extension number and due date.
      2. Click Finish.
    • Add tasks — Add tasks to the selected projects.
      1. Click the Add button.
      2. In the Task dialog, enter information for the task that you want to add to the selected projects.
      3. Add any additional tasks for the selected projects.
      4. Click Finish to save the tasks.

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