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To find the current and prior versions of Practice CS, see Practice CS user bulletins.

To verify your version, choose Help > About Practice CS. Your version for the Practice CS main application and each of the modules for which you are license or have enabled the trial license for will be shown under Licensed products.

The About Practice CS dialog provides the following information:

  • Product: The name of each module for which you are licensed plus the main program designated as Practice CS.
  • Version: The currently installed version of each module. The version for each add-on module should be the same as Practice CS.
  • Type: The type of license you own for the main program and each add-on module:
    • Perpetual: The program will continue to operate if you allow your license to expire though you will not be eligible for technical support.
    • Annual Renewable: The program will continue to operate on a limited basis and you will not be eligible for technical support if you allow your license to expire.
    • Trial: The program or module will operate with significantly limited amounts of data.
  • Expires: If the license type is perpetual, it is the program or module version up to which your current license is valid. In the example above, you would need to renew and update your license in order to run the newer version once available. If the license type is Annual Renewable, the date your license expires is shown.
  • License:
    • Networked: The program can be installed on a network server and used simultaneously by multiple staff simultaneously.
    • Server-based: The program can be installed and run in a terminal server environment

      Note: You must have a Server-based license if Terminal Services is enabled on your server computer.
    • Non-networked: The program must be installed on a single workstation and can be used by only one staff member at a time.
  • Timekeepers: The number of staff that can be Active simultaneously. Staff must be active in order for time and expense transactions to be entered for them.
  • NetFirm CS: Indicates if you are licensed for NetFirm CS which enables:
    • Printing to and bill paying from a NetClient CS portal
    • Transferring files to or from a NetClient CS portal

To update Practice CS:

Virtual Office/SaaS

If you access Practice CS through Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS), all updates are automatically applied overnight.

Full update - annual

If you are a year or more behind in updates, you will need to perform a full installation of Practice CS in order to update. Follow the instructions below to update Practice CS. 

  1. Visit to download the latest version of Practice CS. You will need to log in using your CS Web Account to access the download. 
  2. From the list of available products to download, click Practice CS. 
  3. Follow the instructions on the page to download and install Practice CS. 

Full updates are issued annually and typically include additions and improvements to product functionality.

Incremental updates

If you are less than a year behind in updates (i.e., you are on version 2016.2.0 or newer), you can update Practice CS by following the instructions in Downloading and applying updates.

Incremental updates are issued as needed, generally to address product issues, and rarely include additional features.

E-mail notifications

To receive an e-mail notification when a Full or Incremental update is available, you can subscribe to an e-mail Subscriptions service. To sign up for the service, log in to the CS Professional Suite Email Subscriptions page.

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