Schedules tab overview

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Use the Schedules tab to view staff schedules and assign items to staff members based on their qualifications and availability. You can find more potential work items for staff, identify urgent items for selected staff members, and reschedule work from one staff member to another.

To access the Schedules tab, choose Actions > Manage Staff and click the Schedules tab.

Staff Schedules

Click a staff member in the upper pane to display their scheduled items, potential work items, and urgent items in the lower pane.

Schedule Items, Potential, and Urgent subtabs

The Schedule Items, Potential, and Urgent subtabs in the Staff pane list all of the schedule items that meet the specified criteria.

Note: The Urgent tab appears only if you have enabled it in User Preferences.

Calendar Options

In the Calendar Options pane, mark the checkbox for each type of schedule item you want to display in the staff calendar.

Note: Marking the Outlook Appointments or Outlook Tasks checkbox may affect performance. You may want to clear these checkboxes whenever you do not need to see these Outlook items.

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