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Virtual Office CS

Virtual Office CS offers anytime, anywhere remote accounting software access, relieving you of the IT burden and ensuring business continuance in any situation. Our full line of CS Professional Suite tax and accounting software and select Microsoft products are available in the Virtual Office CS environment.

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Work Remotely from Home, the Office, and Beyond

With Virtual Office CS, your tax and accounting programs operate and integrate exactly as if the programs were loaded on your hard drive. But since the software is loaded onto our hardware, we take care of maintenance and updates—you simply log on, go to work, and enjoy peace of mind.

Dave Ligotti on Virtual Office CS

About This Video

Dave Ligotti explains why his firm chose Virtual Office CS to work in the cloud with remote access to their software and data from anywhere, at any time. (1:36)

Learn more about remote working in the cloud with Virtual Office CS


With Virtual Office CS you can:

Maximize and maintain qualified staff

Allow your accounting staff to remotely work from home, other offices, or the client's site. Offering life/work balance options such as flextime and telecommuting can help you maintain qualified staff and avoid a talent shortage.

Dedicate more time to your business

Reduce the amount of time spent on technical hardware administration and eliminate the need for software updates.

Ensure business continuance

Even in the event of a fire, theft, or natural disaster, your software and client data remain safe on our powerful servers. We perform routine data back-ups to ensure that your data is always secure.

Reduce hardware costs and upgrade costs

With less hardware to maintain, you'll see long-term savings when you access your software online.

Enjoy the timesaving advantages of integration

Improve your whole workflow with online access to the CS Professional Suite of tax and accounting software.

Have the option to install your product locally

With products also installed on your desktop or laptop computer, you can work even if you're not connected to the Internet.

Stay on track with Apple iPhone®, Android, or other smartphone options

It's easy to synch up to your Microsoft® Outlook® calendar.

Access your software or data on an Apple® iPad®

The ultra-slim, ultra-light Apple iPad gives you even more portability.

With Remote Accounting, There Are Virtually No Limits

Virtual Office CS has lifted the restrictions of time and distance and made it possible for firms to take advantage of the Internet's power and reach to solve problems.

Learn more about the time savings and convenience of Virtual Office CS by reading our user testimonials.

The Ultimate in Data Security

When using any of our cloud computing products or services, you can be assured that your software and data are in the most secure location available—our advanced data centers, which provide for backup and recovery of your data, allowing for independent operation and business continuance in any scenario.

To learn more, read our data security profile (PDF).

Proven Experience

We've been providing tax and accounting professionals with web-based products and services for more than a decade. Our interactive Web Services timeline illustrates some of the important milestones in our online history. View the timeline

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