Using the Idea Incubator

Alerts and notices

Use the Idea Incubator to suggest ways we can improve our applications, or to vote on ideas submitted by others.

Access and login information

To get to the Idea Incubator, you can visit There's also a link in your applications under the Help menu (with the exception of GoFileRoom and AdvanceFlow; a link in these applications is coming soon).

Use your Thomson Reuters ID and password to log in.


Before you add an idea, you may want to browse to see if it has already been submitted by someone else.

  • Select a tab to view ideas by trending, most recently submitted, or most popular.
  • Click an idea title in the list to see more information about it.


Select an item under Filter By Status or Filter By Category to narrow the list of results. Select the item again to remove that filter.


Searching is the easiest way to find ideas related to a specific subject. Enter keywords in the Search ideas field, and then use filters to narrow your results.


Click the ballot button to vote. The button will turn orange to indicate that your vote has been submitted.

Add an idea

  1. Click the Add a new idea button.
  2. Enter a short summary of your idea. The text will be searched against existing ideas and if there is already a similar one, you can comment and vote on that idea.
  3. Provide helpful information by answering a few questions about your experience.
  4. Give us a little time to process your idea after you submit it.

    Our Product Management Team will review your idea within ten business days and will either post it or respond to you via email.

Add a comment

When you select an idea's title you can review information, add a comment, or vote on the idea.

Subscribe to updates

Select Subscribe to get notifications when an idea is updated. If you want to stop receiving updates, select Unsubscribe.

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